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What is the WP Rocket plugin, and what does it do? I will also tell you how you can save a lot of money because I love saving your money. You will also learn how to save time and nerves optimizing your website with other plugins. But first, you'll see what Google considers to be the most crucial ranking factors.

What is the Google page experience?

In May 2021, Google will make quite a big update in the rules of ranking pages in its search engine. Some of them have been around for a long time, although a few are entirely new ideas.

In short, it will be the five main signals that Google will use to rank your page in search results.

1. Core Web Vitals – Three main parameters: LCP, FID and CLS, which in short are the loading speed of your website.

2. Mobile Friendly – Your website must pass positive tests on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

3. Safe Browsing – This test will check if your website has any malware issues, harmful downloads, deceptive content or other issues flagged by Google Search Console.

4. HTTPS usage – You will need to attach an SSL certificate to your website, which will provide the user with the safe use of your website resources.

5. No Intrusive Interstitials – If you use pop-ups on your website, they will not positively impact your rankings. Especially on mobile devices, such practices may result in a mobile pop-up penalty.

Here you can learn more about how to optimize your page experience.

How the WP Rocket plugin can help you?

You will certainly not buy SSL certificates for your website with the WP Rocket plugin, or you will not get rid of pop-ups. However, you can certainly deal with one essential point – page loading speed.

Although the application of the new rules is somewhat correct, on the other hand, I do not believe that one or two milliseconds more should affect the ranking of the site. Of course, I wouldn't say I like the situation when I open a page, and it loads in 27 minutes, but I think the new rules kills creativity.

Web admins will try to meet the unique requirements and crashes all the cool stuff from the pages. As a bad result, it can lead to a situation in which the internet becomes very monotonous.

Fortunately, the quality of written articles will also matter in the ranking. If you create cool and valuable content, Google will kick it up. However, if there are two pages with good content in the ranking, the one that loads faster will win.

Another important thing is testing page load speed. There are several popular methods, such as PageSpeed ​​Insights or GTMetrix.

Test 1: Only FREE caching plugins installed

Website tested with PageSpeed Insights: Horus London 

Test 2: WP Rocket plugin installed

All free caching plugins are gone.

These tests are not always 100% reliable, as they may show a slightly different result each time, even if you don't make any changes to the page. I think Google should still work on its idea so as not to harm well-functioning websites.

Anyway, the differences in the tests you see above are just huge. Please pay special attention to the mobile test, in which the website sped up more than twice after installing the plugin!

Did you know that after installing WP Rocket you can uninstall three or four other plugins that do the same thing, only worse?

Do You Want WP Rocket?

WP Rocket alternative?

Of course, you can use other free plugins, but are you sure these plugins are free? For example, the free version of Autoptimize cannot cope with all tasks. The WordPress team also recommends installing such plugins as SpeedBooster Pack, WP Super Cache, KeyCDN, and optimising photos.

For WP Rocket, you will pay $ 49 for an annual license. But I invite you to check how much money you have to spend on professional optimization with Auotpitmize – have you checked? The price kills your head and additionally does not include VAT!

Also, remember that the more plugins you install, the slower your website will load. As mentioned before, WP Rocket allows you to eliminate at least three optimization plugins.

Let's check what is inside

One moment after a successful installation, you can go to the dashboard tab. On the left side, you will see various options to set.

However, my advice would be to test the site with PageSpeed Insights first. You probably won't need to change much in the settings.

wprocket dashboard
Easy to navigate WP Rocket dashboard

In truth, you may not be a great webmaster, but it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to get everything set up. If you want to experiment with WP Rocket settings, I will tell you a little secret.

Make just one little change at a time, and then check the results. For the most reliable data, use the Chrome browser and open the test in the INCOGNITO window.

Of course, in extreme cases, you can visit YouTube or use technical support. There are dozens of videos on YouTube that show different setting options. In one case, they work better. In another, they work worse, but everything is adjustable.

It absolutely does not matter if you have a blog or an online store because WP Rocket works excellent in both cases.

What are the opinions of other users?

Click on the picture above and see for yourself how many positive opinions you can read there. There are also a few negative reviews, so you can read them and make your conclusions. However, in my opinion, you will not find a better offer for such money.

An additional advantage of this offer is the fact that if for some reason you don't like WP Rocket, you can request a refund within 14 days. You can quickly get your money back.

Now it's just left for you to click the button below and download this awesome plugin, then show your friends what a speedy website you have.

Get WP Rocket Now!

Of course, if your friends want to take advantage of this fantastic offer, below are some ways to share this article with them. I will be thankful to you.

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