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Town Star is a strategy game. You have to have an excellent blueprint to succeed. In this article, I will show you how to produce Blue Steel.

I want to emphasize that this is not a weekly competition. I use a monthly server to test different strategies. I consider Blue Steel to be one of the most exciting strategies in Town Star.

Now that I am writing this article, I am in 35th place in the ranking, and there are three days left.

I have changed my strategy from wine production to blue steel production. In my opinion, it was a great decision.

Blue Steel v2.0 production video

Watch a video that I posted on YouTube.

I showed a setup relating to the free Gasoline option.

However, this option is available only to affluent investors. Below you will find a description for less wealthy users.

How to start Blue Steel production?

Find a good spot on the map

First, you must position your city to have mountains on one side at most.

Make sure the mountains are not on two sides or three.

Of course, it would be nice if there was a river on at least one side. However, it is not necessary, as my city is an example.

Second, remember that the ocean will not support the irrigation of your crops.

Finally, try to find a location near a capital city.

However, this is not essential because my construction plan allows you to produce a lot of fuel.

The distance to the capital only matters at the beginning of the game.

You have a limited amount of gas, and you have to play the opening well.

Town Star Blue Steel City Placement

Make money first

Each time you start building your city from scratch, you start with $25,000 and 40 containers of gasoline.

Since you cannot buy gasoline, you must produce it.

Therefore, you must first create a system that will allow you to make money.

The two most popular routes are Grape Rush and Wool Rush.

I won't go into detail about each strategy in this article. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. However, I am going to prepare a unique tutorial.

It will be available to my subscribers soon.

Start producing gasoline

No matter which strategy you choose, you must first produce gasoline. I show you the fundamental way to set up your buildings in the picture below.

Town Star Standard Gas Settings

It would be best if you had two power plants, two refineries, an oil pump, a fuel store and a worker's house.

1 – Paved Road – cost $10,000 each

2 – Fuel Storage – cost $15,000, but you can start with the storage that already exists

3 – Worker House – cost $2,500

4 – Oil Pump – cost $1,250

5A – Refinery – cost $15,000 (Gas production)

5B – Refinery – cost $15,000 (Petroleum production)

6 – Water Pond – cost $20,000

7 – Water Pump – cost $50,000

8 – Power Plant – cost $100,000 each

You will need to equip the power plants with water pumps to draw water from the pond.

Of course, you have to place everything on a paved road.

Let's refine the settings!

Step by step to your own gas station

Choose a place where you want to build your gas station. Start by building a Dirt Road around your station.

Then build the Oil Pump (4), Fuel Storage (2) and Worker House (3).
At the place where you build the Refinery (5A), upgrade the Dirt Road to Paved Road (1)

Now you can build your first Refinery (5A), and from now on, you can start the production of Petroleum.

At the same time as you produce the first barrel of Petroleum, you can stop the Refinery and switch to Gasoline production.

Town Star Petroleum Production

At this point, your Town Star is self-sufficient. The next step is to build a Power Plant (8)

For the rest of the construction process, you must start with the Water Pond (6) and then the Water Pump (7)

Only now you can build your first Power Plant (8)

Note that you no longer need to supply the Refinery with water and batteries, which are necessary for the production of Petroleum.

However, you will need a second Power Plant for Gasoline production, so you don't need to send batteries and water cans there.

For the production of Blue Steel, you only need one Refinery. You send the transport every two hours so that you can produce the right amount of fuel in that time.

You only need to switch the production at the Refinery from Petroleum to Gasoline.

This trick will give you two additional fields on which you can build Fuel Storage (2) and Oil Pump (4)

My layout looks exactly like the picture below.

Blue Steel Gas Production

Town Star FREE Gasoline

Exactly every 30 minutes, you will get 5 barrels of gasoline. An aeroplane will fly over your city and drop gasoline into your fuel storage. Exactly as you could see in my video.

Town Star Big Update

Is this fuel really free?

Not really.

If you want to use Fuel AirDrop, you need to invest in 1 million GALA coins. In short, you have to spend over $200,000 of real money.

Therefore I have redesigned my city so that players with smaller wallets can also have fun.

Town Star Blue Steel v2.1 specification

First, look at the map I designed for the Blue Steel production.

You can also use this map for free. Just hop on over to the Town Star Visualizer project page. Of course, if you click on the link, the page will display the basic map.

However, you can get the code for my map if you leave me your e-mail address.

Of course, you can create any design of Town Star with this tool.

Town Star Blue Steel v2.1

Download the newest code here

With the code, you will get detailed instructions on entering the code into the map.

Everything in my Blue Steel town

This is a list of all the buildings I've placed on my Blue Steel map:

8 x Iron Mine
3 x Normal Steel Factory
1 x Blue Steel Factory
1 x Lumber Yard
8 x Lumber Mill
3 x Warehouse
10 x Water Facility
12 x Power Plant
12 x Water Pump
30 x Tree Farm
25 x The Logger House
33 x Water Pond
3 x Fabric Plant
3 x ATV
2 x Farm Tractor
2 x Sheep Pen
3 x Wheat Field
1 x Pasture
1 x Cotton Field
1 x Trough
3 x Feed Mill
1 x Silo
1 x Fuel Storage
1 x Storehouse
1 x Express Depot

Town Star Blue Steel Final Layout

Blue Steel production time

In less than two hours, I can produce ten pieces of Blue Steel. Although sometimes the time extends to just over two hours.

Therefore, I can average out this result and assume that it takes me two hours to send one shipment.

In return for sending one transport (10 x Blue Steel), I receive 68,000 stars.

That is 34,000 stars per hour.

Little hints to the Blue Steel map

Water production

If you notice that you are producing too many water barrels, you can rotate the building.

In the picture below, the worker who exits through the exit has three more fields to go through.

If you rotate the building 90 degrees, the worker has three fewer tiles to go through.

This way, you can adjust the water delivery time to the Warehouse.

Another way is to stop the water production in one Water Facility for a while.

Blue Steel Building Rotation

Lumber production

To produce Blue Steel, you must also make Uniforms. For production, you will need Lumber.

Sometimes you may just run out of Lumber. And here, you need to remember that the Fabric Plant needs Lumber to produce Cotton Yarn and Wool Yarn.

If there is no Lumber in the Lumber Yard, the factory workers will be walking back and forth.

If the Lumber inventory is nearing zero, stop production at one or two Iron Mines.

River or no river?

As you can see, my Blue Steel project has no river on either side.

It would be ideal if the river were opposite the mountains.

The stagnant water from the river would irrigate the Tree Farms, and you could turn the Water Pond into trees. You can believe me that even one extra tree makes a difference.

Here is an essential point.

If the river is on the side of the mountains, iron production will slow down considerably. Remember, the river gives you five rows of passive water.

However, my entire map is useless if the river is on the left side.

You would have to print the map and look at the sheet from the backside.

If the river is on the right, you can remove the two Water Ponds that supply water to Cotton Field and Wool Field.

You can use the extra fields for some interesting buildings. You can put your NFTs there, for example.

Finally, about Town Star Blue Steel strategy

Of course, this strategy won't get you a first-place ranking. Quite a few players use NFT so they can produce faster and more.

I have used only two NFTs, which are entirely useless. I mean that in no way I am producing anything faster. I get a few coins a day for playing.

Unfortunately, for now, Weekly Competition has been suspended. But I will write a separate article about this soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message in the comments below.

Have fun!

Monthly server February 2022

In February, I started my fun at Town Star with wine production. It was a nightmare idea.

First, a town placed on a Forest field is not suitable for wine production. Sand Mine will produce Silica in maximum time.

However, if you place your town so that at least one side is adjacent to the Desert, it should be okay.

I will play winemaking next month.

Anyway, I ended February in the 33rd position. It doesn't matter, but it gives some idea about the possibilities.

TownStar Rank 33 Final

Monthly server March 2022

This month I played with building Blue Steel using a particular script. Actually, it's three scripts in one.

I am talking about the script for automated sales, production control and enhanced leaderboard.

All the scripts you can download for free from the Gala Analytics website.

Of course, my subscribers will get very detailed instructions straight to their email inboxes.

After seven days, I am 38th in the ranking.

However, remember that this is a monthly server. Your position is only a small indication of your competition. Moreover, I do not use NFTs, so my production is basic.

Town Star March22 Server

It took me 43 hours to build a city from scratch to my first Blue Steel sale.

By the way, I made some mistakes in planning the construction order. I unnecessarily created some things that I later had to tear down. The order of building is essential.

Production Rate Monitor shows me the current state of production. As you can see in the picture below, I can send a shipment of Blue Steel every two hours.

Additionally, I have minimal overproduction of Uniforms and Wool Yarn.

Town Star Production Control Scrypt

In the picture below, you can see how your competitors are doing. Of course, I do not know how many cheaters are on this list and what NFTs other players are using.

Remember that if you invest money in Town Star, you can also count on better results in the overall ranking.

Town Star March22 Ranking

I have finished my Blue Steel testing today. I will take a break for a day, and then I will build a Wine Production from scratch.

You have a red bell in the bottom left corner of the page. If you click it, you will get an instant message about updates on my website.

Have fun at Town Star!

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