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ProductionCrate provides the best free software for video editing. I will try to very carefully resolve your doubts and present you all the pros and cons of using this fantastic service. Also a little TIP how to make money with ProductionCrate.

We'll start with the most crucial question, so what exactly is ProductionCrate? In just a few words, it is the most extensive set of special effects that you can find on the internet. If you are making videos for YouTube, Vimeo, or make presentations in another format, you will find over ten thousand special effects there.

It doesn't make any difference what editor you use to edit your movies, as you can download anything in any format. I mean great visuals as well as sound effects and countless amounts of graphics.

The use of lossless codecs ensures the highest quality of VFX and motion graphics. Fully developed audio components you can download as complete WAV or MP3 files. Additionally, all libraries are updated once a week.

Above all, an essential fact is that Hollywood VFX engineers developed most of these libraries.

In reality, everyone can become a great creator these days. And now you are probably asking if you can become a great creator for free?

This short video is, of course, only a small example of resource use, although the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

How you can use ProductionCrate demo

Is The Best Free Software Really Free?

However, this may be true; it is possible to buy a paid subscription.

In the beginning, however, we will focus on what is free.

Of course, you will need to open an account, and you won't spend a dollar on it in the beginning.

Free registration will guarantee you access to all necessary libraries. As a matter of fact, you have a free account, and there is also a limit on the number of downloads.

The limit has been set for five downloads per day, and it also applies to the quality of downloaded content.

In summary, if you are not an advanced filmmaker, then free membership should satisfy you completely.

So, what more do you get from having premium membership?

First of all, you have full access to all libraries, besides, with 50 downloads per day, but in excellent quality.

Secondly, you can use CDN servers, which significantly speeds up downloads.

the best free software five one-dollar notes

I can already hear your next question: how much does it all cost? A fantastic hint will be the photo of the one-dollar bills above.

The monthly service fee is less than five dollars.

Payment is made for the full year and is currently only 49 dollars. Most importantly, you don't need a credit card. You can make transactions through your PayPal account.

I think that for such a small amount of money, you have access to unique tools for work.

Finally, I wouldn't wait too long if I were you as this is a time-limited offer and price can soar.

Legal Obligations

The best free software offers a non-transferable use license, and if you want to know the details, you can find them on the ProductionCrate LLC website.

Generally speaking, all the downloadable content you can use for your commercial or non-commercial projects.

Consequently, you can sell your production without fear of copyright, although you cannot sell the components that you have downloaded.

Therefore, you can publish your productions wherever you want, on YouTube, Vimeo, blog as well as in your social media.

As you can see, ProductionCrate offers terrific possibilities, so don't wait any longer, register your free account today.

How can I make money with ProductionCrate?

You can start your business and make money online with ProductionCrate.

If you have any video editing experience, it is enough to register your free account at ProductioCrate initially. The free account allows you to download five different items a day.

With this option, you can create a fully-fledged media library in just one week. Of course, these will be average quality products, but they will allow you to work on your film editing technique.

Once you get more skilled, consider purchasing a paid subscription to download top-quality products.

The next simple step is to register a Fiverr account as a freelancer. If you build your portfolio, you can start offering video editing services and earning good money. Remember that you can advertise your services not only on Fiverr but anywhere on the web.

If you watched the short video at the beginning of this post, you could see what the same presentation looks like below. This, of course, is in the #shorts version that is getting more and more popular on YouTube, although it is nothing but TikTok.

I made both videos in this post with the special effects available at ProductionCrate. At that time, I was using a free account, which you can easily set up below. Just press a button.

For more fantastic and free tools, you can check out what else I have prepared for you.

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