10 Bad Habits Destroying Your Life – Solution Is Here


Do you want to stop them before they ruin your life? Here are ten bad habits that can ruin your life. Find out how to eliminate these habits for good!

We all have some habits, and changing established habits is not easy. However, eliminating some of the daily “normal” behaviours can be of great benefit over time. Because you consider it “normal” behaviour, it is perilous for you.

You often don't realize how these daily activities usually cost you a lot and distract you from what is essential. I strongly regret that I didn't get this type of statement when I was still a teenager. I would undoubtedly save many years of my life. 

This article is addressed mainly to people trying to get off the ground and improve their lives. In the beginning, I advise you to choose 2-3 items from the list of ten bad habits. Then try to eliminate or fix them in the 30-day challenge. As soon as you deal with it, you will see significant improvement.

Here you have got a list of 10 everyday bad habits.

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The first of 10 bad habits - TV

10 bad habits watching TV

The worst of the ten bad habits is watching TV. Endless watching TV or browsing social media just like any other and similar activity is wasting time.

Moreover, I am totally convinced that it is a massive waste of time combined with putting in your head worthless and often even stupid content.

Remember that time does not turn back and you lose it forever. If you waste four hours a day doing stupid things, you will accumulate 43,800 hours in 30 years.

Let's say you have a typical job, and you have to work 30 years to get a pension. Assuming you earn 13 an hour, you will lose almost 600,000 by doing stupid things alone. Would you like to have so much money for your retirement?

Also, do you think the government will pay you that much to watch TV? Of course not.

Another important question; are you just wasting your precious time or maybe something more? Not only do you waste your time, but you also pump a lot of negative energy into yourself.

Watching news everywhere

What are the practical benefits of finding out about some horrible event in another part of the world on TV news?

Let's say a volcano erupted somewhere, or a building collapsed somewhere. What do you do? Will you go clean in these places? Will you rebuild the structure or maybe cover the volcano, so it doesn't smoke anymore?

First, such information is beyond your control. Second, you don't do anything about it, and you don't get any benefit either. But most importantly, all you have is negative energy reaching you.

At the end, full of bad energy, you will only attract bad events in your life.

Respecting all rules imposed by society?

By all means am I not encouraging you to break the law or break good social behaviour. Yet society automatically wants to make you look like itself. So, if you agree to do everything as everyone believes is right, you will cease to stand out from the crowd.

You probably know the saying: “think outside the box.” In this case, answer me a simple question: Who is the great inventor, unique individual or society? Of course, the answer is straightforward – a unique individual.

Usually, someone who is very creative will come up with something unique, and then society helps him achieve this goal. Note that it is never the other way around. Therefore, you cannot accept everything that happens in your life unconditionally.

Don't be afraid of criticism and find your way. If you take everything with full consent, it means agreeing to be average. In other words, you will fit perfectly into society. 


Do you remember the rules of the game “TETRIS“? Perfectly matched elements disappear.

You too will disappear in the grey crowd if you don't start thinking outside the box. Now you have an excellent opportunity to make a difference in your life. Try not to block your way to a better experience.

Postponing everything - procrastination

As a procrastinator, you make the firm decision to do something the next day. The next day, you postpone this decision again with the same determination. So you have tremendous willpower to act in the future but to act weakly in the present.

Honestly, you can do this forever. You'll think, “I'll quit smoking on Monday.” And on Tuesday, you say, “Hmm, I was supposed to quit smoking on Monday.” However, it turns out that the perfect Monday has not come yet, and ten years have passed.

Someday, in the future, the last day of your life will come. Then you sit down and think: “There are so many things I could have done in my life.” Unfortunately, it will be too late then to do anything. I will add here that it is not laziness but rather the fear of completing a task.

On the one hand, let's say you want to quit smoking, but on the other hand, you are afraid of the consequences. For example, you are concerned that you may not be able to cope with such a task.

Believe me, when you overcome procrastination, you will feel indescribable freedom. And if I told you that if you start working today, you will earn good money in a week. Would you postpone the decision for another month or two?

It would be best if you plan the necessary things to do and start doing them effectively. Therefore, it would be nice for you to read what day is today and plan it perfectly.

Toxic people around you

ten bad habits toxic person mask

We live in a place full of all kinds of people, with different characters and attitudes to life. Sometimes on our way, we meet people that you can describe as toxic people.

In the first place, avoid people who make you feel inadequate, stupid, worthless, or even ugly. If you frequently hear from your friend “you will fail”, “stupid idea”, “no sense” – run away from such a friendship. Very often, these people are either wholly jealous or merely toxic.

Imagine that in the morning a toxic person charges you with bad energy, then your whole day will be suck. If you are a delicate person, you will certainly take it very personally. In another blog post, I will teach you how to deal with such sensitivity.

You have to understand that you are becoming a person like those around you. Dangerous visions that are not yours will become yours over time. That's why you need to free yourself from bad friendships as soon as possible.

Once you've identified that you are dealing with a toxic person, the best method is to keep contact to a minimum. If possible, break this relationship completely, of course, such a radical option is not always viable.

Remember that you have the right to be treated with respect, and you have a responsibility to express your feelings, opinions and needs. Sometimes you need to realize that some people may stay in your heart but not in your life.

You are what you eat - bad food is a bad habit

ten bad habits food hamburger

Does food affect your mental well-being? It is certainly not a good habit to eat processed foods full of artificial colours and preservatives. It is an undeniable fact that eating junk food is the most unhealthy way to eat. Besides, drinking high-sugar soda, such as Coca-Cola, also doesn't provide any vitamins.

The most popular item you buy at the supermarket is milk. Note that 20 years ago, when opened, milk was only fair to drink for two or three days. You can now refrigerate the milk for three months. Why is it not breaking? Since there is nothing in it, it is just white water with plenty of chemicals so that you can keep the milk in the refrigerator for a long time.

Generally speaking, most of the products available in supermarkets contain vast amounts of chemicals or are genetically modified. Not only that, when you shop in a supermarket, you also buy a lot of unnecessary products.

Of course, I will write below because it is also a terrible habit. But let's get back to inadequate nutrition.

First of all, the consequence of eating bad food is a bad mood. Consequently, you have no energy for creative work or even for any job. Also, you can even contract serious diseases, which will then be hard to cure.

Bottom line: start eating well.

And if you also want to lose weight, check the keto diet for beginners.

How wasting too much money can ruin you

The next worst of the ten bad habits is spending more money than you earn. As I wrote above, you buy unnecessary products in the supermarket, and then you throw away some of them.

Although financial awareness continues to grow, many people still do not save money. Spending all the money you earn is a terrible financial habit that can take revenge if you lose your job. Savings provide a greater sense of peace and allow you to multiply your wealth because you can invest it.

Saving can be started with small amounts, even if your income is not the highest. In this case, the first step to improving the health of your home budget is to verify your monthly expenses.

By collecting receipts and verifying your expenses, you can easily find the gap where your money is escaping. The primary step in creating a budget is to record your expenses, divide them into groups, and analyze them thoroughly.

On this basis, you can only look for savings, plan the necessary costs and allocate some funds to emergency reserves. Wastage places your money on products and services that you don't need at all.

Therefore, when changing your financial habits, you should also verify the daily behaviour in your household. By cutting down on throwing away your food, you can save your money very quickly.

Bottom line: instead of wasting your money, start saving it.

You can also learn how to make money with a good and proven method. Please read about affiliate marketing for beginners.

Could stimulants be one of ten bad habits?

We do not treat any other stimulants as indulgently as alcohol.

Night out = alcohol, Christmas = alcohol, birthday party = alcohol.

ten bad habits drunk pink panther

After all, it relaxes you on the dance floor, soothes anxiety, and adds boldness to conversations with strangers. But are you sure you are not an alcoholic? If every occasion causes you to drink alcohol, the red light is on.

Besides, by feeling comfortable in these situations, you will automatically find new drinking opportunities. If you cannot control it, then over time you will wake up on the bench just like the pink panther in the picture.

Remember that there are additional costs as well, as you spend money on alcohol and then on a taxi to go home. 0Many people have lost their families and their fortune by drinking too much.

Drugs that are even worse than alcohol are your next enemy. Not enough that they cost a lot more, it also damages your body to a much greater extent. Finally, I will also mention cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful but disgusting. The room you smoke stinks, your clothes and breath too. Get out of that room for ten minutes, breathe some fresh air, and then come back to that room.

Unpleasant, right? Now imagine that by eliminating stimulants from your life, you are cancelling out two out of ten bad habits at once.

In the bottom line: you save money, and you gain health.

Stress as the worst of the 10 bad habits?

stressed women

A stressful lifestyle is one of the 10 bad habits that we notice the least. Believe it or not, it is even more destructive than alcohol or drugs. You don't do anything useful. You worry about every detail of your life.

If I say, don't worry about everything so much, I don't mean that you start screwing everything either. Don't look for excuses like: “I won't do it because I'm afraid it will fail.” Just take it in your hand and start doing it, and if it fails, look for the cause. Not the other way around.

Instead of making your job better, you fear that you won't have enough money to burn your bills.

Even though you want to quit smoking, you are wondering if you can.

For example, the next day, you have a meaningful conversation, and you stay awake half the night for fear of the conversation. And not enough that you will get stressed itself, you will also get scared of seeing yourself in the mirror in the morning. You can't worry so much that you won't succeed.

Remember that your mind works like a computer, and as you program it, you will get results. If you tell yourself something goes wrong, your mind will find a way to make it go wrong.

Instead of figuring out why this task might fail, figure out what to do to succeed.

Disorganized life is pure chaos

chaos caused by ten bad habits

Chaos may not be a habit that we can clearly define as a cause, but rather as a result.

If I asked you what your life will be like in five years, what is your answer? Do you know why you can't answer this question? Because your life is in chaos. This situation exists because you have no plan for life. In other words, you live from day to day without thinking about what the future will bring.

Several of the bad habits listed above are responsible for this way of life. I believe that this of the ten bad habits is the easiest to eliminate.

You don't need to plan your entire life right away, of course. Just arrange your next day. Write down the most important things to do and do everything on the list. Ideally, the first item on your list should be “Clean the house.”

You may get a bad impression that it is entirely irrelevant, but believe me, it's an unimaginably big problem.

First, if you have a mess at home, your mind will read it as usual -for example, one pile of stubborn clothes, and another pile of laundry next to it. There are various items scattered around in different places that you don't even use.

The sight of such a mess takes away your energy to do anything; in short, it has a destructive effect on your well-being. As you can see, a lot can change with a little work.

Exercise physically and live dynamically

Generally speaking, exercise is needed to keep our body healthy. It makes us stronger and more resistant to fatigue.

Physical activity has a positive effect not only on our body – it also improves our well-being and ensures a good mood. Besides, exercise also allows you to maintain appropriate body weight.

However, when exercising, you also need to follow a proper diet to maintain a reasonable body weight. At the moment, we are not going to be concerned with diet, but with exercise.

So let's assume that you are an office worker and your typical day is the way to work and come back. You will probably take 140 steps at home and another 140 steps to the car park. Then the same amount on the way back, unless you stop by the supermarket. You don't have to join a gym right away and run there five hours a day.

But remember, to keep your body healthy, you should do at least ten thousand steps a day. The world is mechanized and full of solutions convenient for us.

In the past, it was necessary to cover many kilometres to reach a store, school or workplace. The children spent their time actively outdoors. There were fewer cars, but almost everyone had a bicycle.

Do you remember the last time you rode your bike or went out for a run? It is not about lack of time.

I consider it laziness. Anyone can get up from the computer for ten seconds and do three squats.

Bonus: How to get rid of 10 bad habits?

how to get rid of bad habits

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is enough to eliminate two or three points out of ten bad habits to start. However, if you carefully analyze the whole article, the elimination of bad habits is easier than you think.

For example, start with a “to-do” list. You clean up the house, and at the same time, you organize your mind. Therefore, you will feel better, and you will have less stress. If you are less stressed, you will smoke fewer cigarettes. If you want, read about how to quit smoking for free, and it will save you health and money.

Reducing the number of cigarettes smoked will ensure better condition during exercise. And if you see the results after that, maybe you will start to eat better and save some money again. As you can see, you can eliminate several points with one move.

And there is another important rule here.

Don't put off your decision for later. Procrastination is the killer of all progress, so it is essential to get started. Finally, in order not to be a toxic person, share this article with your friends. Indeed, there will be a person among your friends who will find these tips useful.

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