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What is our guide to success? What is the critical skill that allows one to triumph, get rich, enjoy the achievements? Different from other people often fail even to get closer to the level of successful people.

If you want to know the difference, be sure to look at the following tips. You will find there a lot of valuable information that will prepare you for your path to success.

Generally speaking, humanity has gone two ways, and one is a success, the other is stagnation. The second group includes 95% of population. Why? All of those people are not adequately prepared and do not have the right tools.

Imagine you are an office worker without a driving license. If I give you the best racing car, can you win the race? You won't even get started without proper preparation. If we did all the things we can do, we would be amazed.

Which way will you go? It depends only on you.

Table of Contents

Preparation to start home-based business

Mental health

Several fundamental factors must support everything you do and is to succeed. First of all, you need to shape your personality to define your goal and have the right motivation to achieve it. We call this as personal development.

From this point, you have to start your long journey towards success. Personal development is a way that anyone who wants to change their lives goes.

Unfortunately, there will be many obstacles for those who choose to follow it. The main ones are bad habits and patterns in the behaviour of each of us, not allowing us to take a step forward.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with responsibilities and overload of tasks? Do you know the feeling of resignation and irritation when you lack time to fulfil what you planned? Can't find the incentive to be active and change your life?

Psychical fitness

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As a person, you are made of two things – body and mind. Not only the mind must be healthy to work efficiently. In the long run, your physical fitness must also be of a high standard.

You will work for hours on the computer and believe it or not, it is very exhausting. If you start work in the morning tired, then you will not come up with anything valuable.

To have a healthy body is not just a visit to the gym or swimming pool twice a month. Your physical fitness is made up of more factors.

In short; stress, smoking, drinking alcohol or poor nutrition have a lot of influence. The great would be if you can get rid of these bad habits because they limit your possibilities terribly. You can say that you are a heavy smoker, and it will be hard to quit smoking. Don't worry because if you plan to quit smoking, then you will achieve your goal.

On my website, you will find helpful training materials. I will help you quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and eat healthily. Overall, for me, your physical condition is as critical as it should be for you.

Planning the day

Important to realize is that writing goals are a hugely underestimated way to improve performance. And here we are talking about writing them with a pen or pencil.

In this way, the goals take on a physical, tangible form with which it is easier to identify. An unsaved goal is only a dream; it causes many mistakes, causes confusion and makes us often postpone such a task for later or entirely abandon.

It is also helpful to set an end date to achieve the goal. The lack of a period means that the tasks lose urgency, it is easier for us to play for time, and thus to do little. Also, you can include your goals in the form of a list of activities that you must complete to achieve them. Set the priority and order of tasks, and this will help you decide which tasks you can postpone.

The next task is to read what day is today. Detailed description about how to plan a day successfully.

When the plan is ready, the next step is to implement it as soon as possible. Distribute your activities so that you do something every day, even the smallest one – because it's about getting into the habit of working regularly.

Warnings related using internet

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Traps on the internet

When building your business from scratch, you will do many things yourself. In some situations, you will not be able to cope entirely by yourself. It will be too difficult. You will be looking for help on the Internet, and here you should pay attention to who you ask for help. There are many people who will want to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and your naivety.

Don't be tempted by the great commercials that you'll earn a million dollars in two weeks if you buy a 3500 dollars training course. Building a business is a long-term process and cannot be done in two weeks or even two months.

On YouTube, you will find many “businessmen” willing to share with you invaluable knowledge in exchange for the rest of the money you have.

On Horus London website you will also find the opportunity to spend money on your training, for example. But always this will be secured transaction. Most of these will be affiliate links. If we present you a product or service, it is because we know that it is valuable. The choice will remain yours, anyway.

Hackers and scammers

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The web is full of scammers, and you must remember that. Scammers sometimes have very professional websites where they offer “super-promotions”. They also pretend to be consultants from big computer companies or banks. They very often act as help-desk representatives.

Remember that fraudsters are interested not only in your account in the online banking system or electronic payment system. Hackers often target email systems, social networks, online games, and any system that requires a login and password.

If you have even small doubts, visit the official website of the organization from which you received the email. Instead of clicking the link contained in the email, manually enter the website address into the browser.

This way, you will ensure your safety, avoid visiting a fake website and check the necessary information on the official website.

To attract the attention of users, scammers often use smarter tricks. For example, they may ask you to become a beta tester for a new game or offer you something for free. One small thing you will need to do is follow the link! However, if you do this, you may fall into the trap of landing on a spoofed website.

Never give out your confidential data, passwords or any other kind of sensitive information. Visit the YouTube channel run by Jim Browning. You will learn more about how fraudsters work on the Internet.

Step-By-Step success guide

long table with personal computer with big screen, organized work station

At this instant, you don't need much – a desk where you put your laptop or computer and a comfortable chair. Equally important, make sure you have enough space; this is your new workplace.

The desk should have several drawers where you will keep the most necessary things. You will also need a giant notebook to save the information and a cup of good coffee for this set.

When you have grown your business to the right size, you can take your laptop and go to the beach or the other place and work there.

The most wonderful is that you can do your work from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection, and as we know, it is not a problem anymore.

The brilliant idea for your business

Sit and relax, and it will take longer than you think. Write on a piece of paper: In two columns, write in the first one what you are good at and write in the second what you like to do.

On a separate sheet of paper, write what your professional life looks like now.

Now read aloud from the paper what you wrote about professional life and throw it away.

Shout to yourself: I don't want to live like that!!!

Focus on the first piece of paper.

Transfer it to your notebook and see the similarities between the two columns.

This map will be the foundation of your business.

What you like is what you are good at and the rest of the development possibilities we will provide you.

The name of your business

Since you have already drawn the concept, now you have to name it somehow.

In two or a maximum of three words, describe who you are and what you can do for others. This two words will be the name of your company

I will give you an example: Microsoft Windows – only two words, and if I asked you to describe what this company does? Same: YouTube

A better example: Google and that's all. Can you write on ten pages of your sheet of paper what Google does?

Name of our company? Horus London. Now let's break it down.

Find out on the Internet who “Horus” was. The second segment of the name is “London”, and it is one of the three most famous cities in the world. By the way, our office is in this city.

As you can see, the name speaks for itself.

Website creation

A website is an essential component of your business. First, no one is going to take it from you. Why?

Imagine you are running an ad campaign on Facebook, and your account is suddenly banned. All work on the campaign went to the bin. In the same fashion, YouTube may block your channel, you will lose contact with your audience. But most importantly, your website will not be closed.

In the worst-case scenario, you will never appear in Google search results. But here comes the invaluable help. This help comes from is your audience.

That is why I mentioned at the beginning that you have to exist in social media, get friends who will support you with their existence. Friends who share your thinking with their friends. This audience is the kind of community that will be more likely to visit your site than to go to watch Facebook. 

That is why a website on the Internet must be attractive, but not only in terms of its content. All technical parameters are also of great importance. The speed of loading the page translates into the user experience: site navigation, and organized content.

There are a lot of tiny details that the course will cover entirely. In the meantime, you can check my site's speed scores on GTmetrix. Note that you will use this tool quite often, so it's worth getting to know it.

Social media setup

social media icons in a ball

The first step is to create an entirely new Google account just for your new business. The link to the website is here. Of course, enter the name of your new company as your first and last name. And this is how you create your first corporate email account. You will be using this account to register other accounts.

First of all, you need a logo for your company. Of course, you don't have to register the company. We'll get to that much later. You can, without a doubt, make a logo for free. You need to register your account on the CANVA website, and you can create it yourself.

If you are not a skilled graphic artist, you can have someone else do it. To do this, you register at FIVERR, where you will find many offers with prices starting from just five dollars.

If you already have your company email and logo, it's time to take the next step. Now you are ready to open an account on any social networking site you can imagine. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and the list is long.

Why is it so important?

Because in social media, you will build your audience. In short, a group of recipients of your goods or services and most importantly, friendship. Invite your existing friends to your new social account. You have to start somewhere. Build new relationships and meet new people because that is essential.

Business related YouTube channel

Now you need to create a YouTube channel. The process itself is straightforward, and besides, Google has prepared an elementary guide. But setting up a channel is only the first step.

To get started, you need to have some basic things ready. First is the name of the YouTube channel. In this case, it will be the name of your new company. The second thing is the logo you have prepared before. The last thing you will need is a banner that will do the job as a showcase for your channel.

For example, the business card of a YouTube channel might look like this: “Horus London YouTube channel”.

Of course, your new channel will be missing the fundamental thing at the beginning, which is content. So it's okay if you publish your first short video. Remember that it doesn't have to be a super professional video. All you need is a two-minute clip, in which you can say a few words about yourself.

Of course, to create a more professional video, you will need some necessary tools as well as the right technique. As you can imagine, you will find everything in the course with small details. The study also includes some tricks to help promote your YouTube channel.

My final word at the beginning

Of course, everything you read above is just a general plan. It is an outline, but you cannot build a well-functioning business on its basis. You will need much more detailed information and specific tips.

I want to show you how to start an affiliate marketing business. I wrote quite a long detailed article about it, at the end of which you will have the opportunity to join a completely free program.

If you are serious about starting an online business, please read what affiliate marketing for beginners is.

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