Start YouTube Channel in 2020?

The answer is: YES and NO

If you start the YouTube channel in 2020 as a single business, the answer is NO. But if you are treating YouTube as a work tool – YES, by all means.

According to all statistics, Google is the biggest internet company, and Google owns YouTube, so it is worth to have that tool in hand.

Creativity and much hard work are required to achieve success. The channel must stand out from the rest.

Monetization on YouTube?

The long way is for sure. Current channel monetization requirements are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewed hours.

With healthy channel development, it can take from several months to over a year.

There are many tricks to reduce this time, but we will tell you about it in another part of your development.

YouTube in your business will be a supporting tool, and in the future, also one of the sources of income.

Do you need expensive equipment?
YouTube studio

Expensive equipment at the beginning of the start YouTube channel in 2020 is not essential.

Even afterwards you will need cheap little things that will make your work easier.

All you need now is what you have right now in your hands – any mobile phone with a camera and little space on your desk plus an external microphone for your phone will facilitate the work.

Create Google account

Although you already have a Google account and YouTube channel – you need to create a new account for a new business.

You will use it for YouTube channel.

Now it’s worth getting your company name and logo ready. Your new Google Account you can create here.

If you need help how to do it right, you can use our exact tips. As a VIP member, you will have access to all training materials.

google account
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