Start Business With No Money


Do you think you can start a business with no money? Of course, you can. Moreover, it can even be a considerable advantage.

In a few short paragraphs, I will explain why it is better to start a business without having big cash at the beginning.

In fact, the lack of capital at the beginning of a business is merely safe. Because you are a budding businessman, having a lot of cash for investments will guarantee you a big and spectacular fall.

Eventually, you will make a lot of little mistakes because everyone does. Without experience, you will ride like in a fog, and very fast. However, it is safer to crash with a bike than in a brand new Mercedes.
For instance, you have got a lot of money to start your new business.

With this in mind, you will go crazy and invent unnecessary purchases, the new phone, a laptop, and maybe the car. Investment in a product that won't sell very well would not be a good idea either.

In general, there are many examples of how you can lose all your money very quickly.

Consequences of bad decisions.

Generally speaking, more than 50% of new businesses fail within the first two years. This drama usually happens because plans are not well designed, over-invested, and irresponsibly managed. This situation very often leads to huge debts as well as depression. After such a significant fall, it's tough to get up and start all over again.

In the same fashion, sudden cash flow is similar to a big lottery win. For the most part, it came easy, it went easy, and as a result, the sadness remained.

That's why starting a business without investing a lot of money is an ideal solution.

Even if your idea turns out to be useless, the fall will not be painful. You will only waste a little time, but you will be able to do everything again, but better. This little picture above should give you a big idea of what starting a business should look alike.

Will you tell me you can't start a business without money? In that case, read the book “The Power Of Broke”, and you will see for yourself that it is possible. The author of this book, Daymond John, started with just 40 dollars in his pocket.

No money to start a business?

No money to start, you can substitute with creativity. For example, look around your home and find items that you don't use. You will indeed find a lot of these things.

Take photos, add descriptions, and then put these items up for auction. You can post such an auction on eBay or advertise on Facebook.

First of all, you will get rid of unnecessary things in the house. By the way, you'll do the cleaning up, and you'll feel better. Second, you will earn your first money and start learning how to run a business.

You will not make a vast fortune, but you will begin to practice how to earn money.

Third, I have just proved to you that you can start doing business without having money. Another key point, use whatever you have in hand.

To place an auction on eBay, you only need a regular iPhone and some time to describe the product.

No time to start a business?

on the desk clock and open notebook surrounded by candles

Finally, will you tell me you don't have time for such activities? Won't you quit your “great job” to go into business? With this in mind, I will show you how it works in practice.

The watch is for twenty-four hours. Anyone has the same amount of time. Let's say you work eight hours every day, and you sleep eight hours a day. Using simple math adds up to 16 hours.

Additionally, you need another 4 hours for commuting, eating, and personal hygiene. So what will you do with the four hours left?

Do your business. Instead of sitting and watching the TV or reading stupid things on Facebook, go about your business. Five days times four hours a day is a total of twenty hours of extra time. Also, you can spend five hours a day on the weekend. We have a total of thirty hours a week. As a result, it's almost the same as you devote to your everyday job. You see, I found your time and occupation. Impossible?

Practice makes you perfect.

Posting your auction to eBay or Facebook is just the start. Since you haven't done this before, it can be hard in the beginning.

My good advice is simple: watch how other people do it. On the positive side, this is a free tool you can use. But you can't copy and paste the content. Otherwise, search engines like Google my punish your content, and you will not be visible in search results.

Sooner or later, you became an excellent creator, and this will open more opportunities, like affiliate marketing, for example. You can sell more than just your items on the Internet. A prevalent form is dropshipping, and it is snowballing.

Another form of earning money online is publishing on Amazon KDP. Here, too, you don't need large investments to get started. However, detailed descriptions of particular topics you will find on the blog posts. You could write to me your thoughts in the comment below, that would be nice.

As a follow-up to this post, I highly recommend reading this wonderful book:

“The Power Of Broke” by Daymond John.

To sum up, the author describes in a very easy way how to start a business with no money.

Note that you can also download the free audio-book version that is available for you on Amazon via Audible Prime Membership.

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