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Why should I plant a tree?

Because trees protect our lives, they help produce the oxygen you breathe and shelter many animal species.

A hard time awaits us without forests.

Massive fires destroyed forests in America, Greece, Turkey, Russia and many other places worldwide.

The trees take a very long time to grow, but they burn very quickly.

I cannot plant a forest, although I can plant a tree.

Together, we can grow thousands or even millions of trees.

Why would I want to plant a tree?

Memories, first of all.

As a little boy, I remember that I liked to go to the forest with my parents and pick mushrooms. It was legal in Poland, and 40 years ago, it was one of the best ways to spend time with the family.

Moreover, the forest mushroom dishes were terrific. First of all, very healthy and diverse. For example, as a main course or as an addition to a delicious sauce.

You probably have no idea how delicious the mushrooms in vinegar are and how great they taste when added to drinking vodka. They were perfect snacks at parties I organized as a teenager.

I know it sounds fantastic, but that was the time back then.

I also remember that my mother used to dry the mushrooms for the winter when they were not growing, and it was impossible to pick fresh ones.

For Christmas, we prepare a dozen or so specific dishes in Poland. Among other things, there is cabbage with mushrooms.

Believe me, the smell in the house was terrific.

What is my tree planting plan?

I have been supporting London's Air Ambulance and RSPCA with my money for a long time.

A few years ago, I bought a van from the RSPCA at an auction to help them out.

I like to help.

I built my Horus London website to help you develop your business and improve the quality of your life. I want to help you too.

You will think right now – hey, after all, his activity brings him a good income.

Of course, you were right.

I make money, but I also want to share it with those who need it.

That's why I was creating a new project to help rebuild our destroyed planet. I believe that planting trees is one of the things our house needs the most.

I recently launched an online store which is now part of my business. However, this store does not have many products because I try to put only the best there.

Shopping in my store is an excellent opportunity for you to help me develop my new project.

Plant A Tree With Horus London

Every product sold will plant a tree

I am a partner of One Tree Planted, and together we support forest restoration around the world.

Remember that if you buy any product in my shop or on my website, you will help to plant a tree.

Planet Earth is also your home. Will you help to rebuild it?

Horus London Partnership

Do you want to visit my shop?

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