PageSpeed Insights – What Is Wrong? This Drive Me Crazy


I use a variety of tools to test my site, including PageSpeed ​​Insights from Google. I am not a webmaster, and I build a website by myself, learning from my own mistakes. I thought PageSpeed ​​Insights would be the most reliable tool, but it turns out otherwise. Not only that, each other device shows a different result.

As if that was not enough, recently a new problem appeared in the form of “error 403” which is a total mystery to me. The one thing that drives me crazy the most – error isn't permanent. It comes and goes, and I'm running out of ideas on how to fix it.

pagespeed insights error 403

One interesting fact is that, for example, GTmetrix never showed the 403 error, but shows a different test result each time. You can see an excellent result in the picture on the top: A 92% 98% – while the differences can go down to 84% or even show 76% once.

Please note that there were no more than 5 minutes between the tests. And in the meantime, I didn't make any changes to the site. So why are there such dramatic differences in test results? I don't understand how I can optimize my website based on such unstable results?

Important note – the website loads without any problems and very quickly when entering from an external link. It also doesn't matter what browser I use.

PageSpeed Insights - error but no error

As mentioned above, the “403 error” sometimes shows up and sometimes doesn't – this is the case with PageSpeed Insights, although Sitechecker (Chrome extension) shows this error every time.

Even after deleting cookies, the situation does not change. Additionally, in the full test mode, I receive the message: “Page is not idexable.”

Sitechecker error 403

For now, however, I would like to focus on PageSpeed Insights. I did two tests with an interval of one minute, and you can see the surprising result of these tests on the slides. I don't understand it at all.

I don't really understand how to deal with this problem.

So far, I have done a few things that I found on the internet. I replaced the .htaccess file, and I also checked folders for permissions (755 and 644). Additionally, I deactivated plugins to check if any of them is responsible for creating this error.

Unfortunately, my actions did not bring a positive result. I also contacted the hosting provider because another person told me it might be a firewall problem. The hosting provider did a test and sent me a message saying that everything should work fine – but it doesn't.

Problems took off in the past month

Initially, I tested a service from NitroPack, which was supposed to improve loading speed and results in PageSpeed ​​Insights. It turned out that the results are better, although the sliders and menus got broken.

I changed the various options available until the plug stopped working altogether. There was absolutely nothing left for me to do but uninstall NitroPack.

Another plugin that got my attention is WP Rocket, which is currently active on the site. I contacted the technical service, but they also cannot help me.

In the meantime, I was having problems with another plugin: “All In One WP Security & Firewall.” While playing with the settings of this plugin, I made it impossible to get to my site. Then it showed me the code 500. That's why I have created a brand new .htaccess file. Plugin uninstalled, and now everything is fine.

Finally, I thought that I would reset the WordPress theme and found an excellent WP Reset plugin. It's good that I did a backup because the reset led me to the situation “Hello World …” No content, themes, nothing.

I built the Horus London site on WordPress 5.6 based on ElementorPro, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. If you have any valuable advice that will help me solve the above problems, please feel free to leave a message in a comment. Thank you very much.

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