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Keto diet - meal plan for beginners

The custom keto diet is a very easy-to-use system that will do everything for you.

You don't need any specific knowledge of calories, and you don't need to know anything about calculating your BMI.

If you are not very good at the kitchen, then you also have no reason to worry. All dishes are effortless to prepare, and you can buy the ingredients at your local store.

The cost of this diet is the equivalent of one trip to the cinema, and it will save you mega money in the future.


5 mega benefits if you decide on a custom keto diet plan

Firstly, watch the video.

keto diet money back guarantee

Keto diet bonus: you will get this FREE e-book

keto diet free ebook cover

eBook includes:

Not to mention over 40 pages of vital knowledge about the keto diet, you'll also find 19 great recipes for simple meals.

Among other recipes, there is a fantastic breakfast with specially prepared avocado and salmon.

Now you can start your way to better well-being and get your results within eight weeks.

Remember, however, that nothing can replace a professionally constructed action plan.

Do you want Keto Diet Custom meal plan?

Keto diet explained

Grilled pork belly with ssamjang dipping sauce

To understand what a custom keto diet is, first, let me tell you where your body gets its energy for life.

Your primary fuel is glucose, which you put into your body in the form of carbohydrates. Insulin is responsible for glucose transport, but you get fat when there is too much glucose, and you may develop diabetes. At this point is where the ketogenic diet comes to the rescue.

The main goal of keto is to eliminate excess carbohydrates and replace them with fats and proteins. Due to the lack of such glucose, your body will take up the energy collected in your fat tissue.

And now the weight loss process begins, which is the first positive effect of using the keto diet. Besides, you can effectively regulate your blood pressure and lower the levels of bad cholesterol and insulin. Moreover, you can also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Overall, this fantastic diet helps in many aspects of everyday life. Not to mention losing weight, I noticed more energy to act, less fatigue and even some kind of euphoria.

Therefore, I now encourage you to create your eight-week plan, which specialists have developed especially for you.

Few tips for your keto diet

What will you get from the custom keto diet plan?

At the outset, you will receive an email from me in which I will introduce you to the eight main benefits of the ketogenic diet. You probably know that you can lose weight by following the custom keto diet, but there are also some surprising benefits.

You will also receive exciting recipes and a printable shopping list, allowing you to gather the necessary supplies to prepare your meals. Plus, I'll show you the complete keto diet food list.

Of course, before you spend a small amount of money on joining the program, you will have the opportunity to test it for seven days. However, if the program does not meet your expectations, you will be able to resign from it at any time. At the same moment, they will return the money you spent without asking any questions.

As you can see, you can't lose anything more than kilograms of body weight.

Keto Smoky Cheeseburger Salad

How to start with a custom keto diet plan?

Step 1

You'll start with a short quiz. The questions are easy, and it won't take you more than 2 minutes. First of all, the system will ask you about your age and weight and your physical activity.

Another question will be about your favourite food. You just select the things you like to eat from the list.

Based on the collected information, the system will prepare the perfect meal plan for you. Therefore, make sure that the answers to the questions are correct. Otherwise, your super plan won't work.

Step 2

Once you have dealt with the first part, the system will show you the basics of your diet plan. You will learn about calories, water amounts and various more detailed information.

Of course, if you like everything, you will get a special offer to try the Custom Keto Diet for seven days for $1.

Step 3

The one crucial thing to remember is that once you start, you shouldn't stop.

You won't see the effects after two days. Remember that you have 60 days to quit the program, so don't give up after the first week or two.

Also, mention that you may feel a bit strange at the beginning of the program because your body will get something completely new.

But don't worry – when you go into ketosis, you'll feel absolute euphoria.

Do you want to start?

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