Jasper (ex Jarvis) – Now You Can Unlock Your Creativity


Jarvis Boss Mode is the most powerful tool offered by GPT-3 technology, and now you can speed up your content creation process up to tenfold!

In this Jarvis Boss Mode tutorial, I show you how to use Boss Mode and discover all PROS and CONS.

Of course, if you don't yet know what JarvisAI is, I invite you to read my article on how Jarvis' artificial intelligence can help you create content.

However, before jumping into the deep end of Boss Mode, there are a few essential technical details you should be aware of. 


Jarvis rebranded to Jasper.

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Jarvis (Jasper) Boss Mode pricing

Jarvis Boss Mode Pricing

You have to pay for the licence starts at $59 per month.

Is that a lot? Seemingly yes.

I will answer this question by giving you some examples.

If you are a blogger and want to outsource article writing, you need to know the cost. Let's say you are looking for a copywriter on Fiverr.

Prices start at $30 to write a post of up to 1500 words. For your blog to grow effectively, you need to register at least five posts per month.

The math is simple: $30 x 5 = $150 per month – Jasper is cheaper – starts at $59 per month.

Not to mention that with Jasper, you can write up to 20 articles a month.

Another example is writing an eBook.

Here the process is much more complicated. Let's say a short 12-page story is about 2500 words. The costs for a freelancer are also much higher.

However, I used Jasper Boss Mode to create a complete eBook in less than 30 minutes.

If you want to find out how to write a short story in 3 simple steps, then read this article.

I have provided a complete step by step tutorial.

Or maybe you want to test all the features of Boss Mode for free first?

Free testing is also possible.

Jarvis (Jasper) Boss Mode free trial

Of course, you can test Jarvis Boss Mode for free. You have five days to do so.

During the registration process, you will have to enter your payment card details. Do not worry because payment for the license will not be taken immediately.

Within five days, you can decide whether you want to use the software or not.

And now a slight hint. Take the calculator in your hand again.

As mentioned above, a monthly license of Jarvis Boss Mode costs $59.


I have a surprise for you.

If you choose to pay for the whole year, you will get two months free!

You can still test it for free. Click on the button below and get started.

What is Jarvis (Jasper) Boss Mode?

Jarvis has two plans in its package. The basic plan is the Starter, which costs only $29 a month.

In short, it costs little, and you can do little with it.

The first limitation of the Starter Plan is the number of words you can generate. There are only 20,000 words available to you. In my opinion, that is incredibly low.


Because Jarvis will not always produce content that will satisfy you, sometimes he writes complete nonsense. Then you have to use the correct command to rewrite the content.

I will later describe to you what these commands are.

If Jarvis wants to become a comedian (if you give him the wrong directions), you will quickly use up to 20,000 words. Even if you use my registration link and get another 10,000 words as a gift from me. It is not enough.

In my opinion, the Starter Plan is not worth the price. It should be free.

I also write freelance articles for my clients. Can you imagine that I can use up to 8,000 words a day? And there's a whole month to get as much out of Jarvis as you can.

I can't imagine using all the potential that Jarvis has to offer without using Boss Mode.

What trinkets does Boss Mode have?

Compose button - unlimited runs

What is the Compose button anyway?

It's a button you press, and Jarvis writes the next bit of text for you.

Jarvis Boss Mode gives you the ability to press this button indefinitely.


There is no limit to the number of words you can create.

You have Unlimited Run unlocked.

Command Jarvis (Jasper)

Do you use Siri, Alexa, or Google, for example?

Have you ever commanded them?

Sometimes you'll say, “Alexa, turn down that radio, change the channel”.

Ever get home and turn on Google Maps?

All you have to do is press the microphone symbol and say HOME. Google Maps quickly mapped out the closest route home.

It's the same with Command Jarvis.

Click the microphone symbol and say: Write me ten rules about how to blog constructively.

You will be surprised.

You can also ask Jarvis: Tell me a joke about your father, Jarvis.

You will be even more surprised. So was I.

Current functionality is not the end of Jarvis's extraordinary capabilities. Remember, it is an artificial intelligence that is always learning.

I will now give you some details on how to use Jarvis Boss Mode in practice.

Stay with me.

How do you use Boss Mode?

When you open the Long Form – Start From Scratch window, you can type on the left-hand side:

Description of Content
Tone of voice

I recently tested Jarvis by having him write content, but without these guidelines. I can honestly say that Jarvis wrote much better without these guidelines.

I asked Jarvis a simple question:

>how to create great website content? and then you press Ctrl+Enter, and there you go.

Jarvis Boss Mode Example Work
Click To Enlarge

As you can see in the picture above, I left all those fields blank. Jarvis produced this text in less than 10 seconds.

I have not even processed the text in any way to show you how it looks in practice.

You can learn the whole content creation process in the tutorial I prepared for you.

Jarvis (Jasper) Boss Mode commands

You can significantly speed up your work with Jarvis by using keyboard shortcuts.

Remember, on a Mac: you use the Command key.
On a PC, it's the Ctrl key.

CTRL + J = Compose. Jarvis will continue typing every time you press that key combination. In the Jarvis Boss Mode plan, you have this mode unlimited.

CTLR + Enter = Jarvis Command. Don't forget to place the cursor right at the end of the command.

CTRL + Shift + Enter = Jarvis Command. This time the command will be visible on screen after Jarvis executes it.

CTRL + K = Jarvis Command History. You will be able to see what you have asked Jarvis to do so far. Handy function.

CTRL + / (forward slash) = Last command once again. If you are not satisfied with Jarvis' work, you can ask him to write a sentence again. Jarvis will, of course, delete his previous entry.

CTRL + Z = Undo. If you accidentally do something wrong – the cursor is not where it should be, etc. Then everything goes back to the previous state.

Jarvis (Jasper) Boss Mode PROS & CONS

There are no perfect things in the world. Jarvis has its strengths and weaknesses.

What are my impressions after several months of using this software?

Let's dive into the details.

Jarvis Boss Mode PROS And CONS


You say it, and you get it

Command Jarvis.

You say write! He writes.

You say write again – he rewrites.

And so you go on and on until you're satisfied.

Jarvis is not an algorithm that copies content from the internet.

Many times Jarvis cited some information that I had no idea about. Until out of curiosity, I checked, confirmed. I was shocked.

A little translator

Jarvis knows 26 languages in which you can create your content.

No other software gave me this possibility at the time of writing this article.

Writer's block

Jarvis Boss Mode allows you to write even one sentence.

He takes care of the rest.

If you don't have an idea for content, write one sentence.

Speed of light

Now you can, with the help of Boss Mode, write a blog post in 10 minutes or create an eBook in less than half an hour.

You can find an example of an eBook in the full tutorial that I've provided to you.

Click the button below.

Free access to hidden training courses

Only for those who subscribe to Jarvis Boss Mode, the company offers training on using this tool. Many hours of video material will allow you to use Jarvis most effectively.

Of course, if you have a Starter Plan, you also have access to the academy.

Although not all resources.


In addition to training, there are also ready-made recipes for constructing various forms of content.

Some of these are only available to Jarvis Boss Mode owners.

If you have a Starter Plan, this is not a piece of cake.


The highest problem - price

The price can scare you, especially at the very beginning.

Not everyone can afford to spend $59 a month. Not everyone wants to invest in something into something they haven't used before.

Look, I know. I can write a fantastic review here, but you're going to pay for it.

Read on because it is essential.

Lack of experience

You probably have no experience using software based on GTP-3, and I understand that.

It may take more than five days before you understand how the software works.

There should be a 30-day period to test Jarvis.

Complete Jasper tutorial

Now that you know the most important details, I leave you with two options.


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Author: Robert K Florkowski

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My motto is: If it wasn't hard then everyone could do it, which means that success comes through dedication and commitment – not just willingness or ability.

I believe we can all live our dreams if we commit ourselves fully to mastering what matters most: Ourselves!


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