How To Quit Smoking Effectively Once And Forever?


More and more often, you ask yourself how to quit smoking, preferably for free and forever. Also, I promised you a luxury car if you manage to quit smoking.

Don't worry. I'll keep my word. If you do what I tell you is to do – do it – success is guaranteed. Why? Because I have been a mega smoker for the last 20 years, and from this nasty habit, I got out in six weeks.

Smoking cigarettes very often puts you in an awkward position.

You want to smoke, but you can't, and there's a storm in your head – what to do? I have an excellent tip for you – quit smoking once and for all. Even if you think it's not easy, you can believe that you can do it anyway.

So I have one little task for you to start.

Just go for a walk now, in the fresh air and back. Then look at the picture I posted, and then wave the ashtray. Imagine that your partner you are about to meet in a few moments stinks exactly like this ashtray. Do you still want a kiss? Or maybe you want to vomit?

The choice is yours, but remember, the first impression is indestructible. I only have one request, don't give up on what you do. I'll take your hand and get you through it somehow.

How to get a car in return for quit smoking?

You probably thought that I would organize a competition or lottery here where you would win a car? I have a better idea. I will show you how to convert cigarettes into a luxury car.

Not only will you afford a luxury car, but you will also get something more valuable. For sure, you won't buy it for any money.

how to quit smoking luxury black sports car

But first, you will see how smoking affects your finances.

For example, we will take the average price of cigarettes in the UK, which is £ 12.73, at a supermarket. It will therefore cost you £ 0.63 to smoke one cigarette.

You will think that this is not a large amount, so take a calculator, and you will soon become a great mathematician.

Let's assume that you smoke a lot, and the daily number of smoked cigarettes is 20. Of course, it shows you a fair price to smoke because, in one year, you will burn out £ 4,139.

However, if you continue to play with the calculator, you will find that you have burned out a pretty good car in five years.

On the other hand, the monthly cost of smoking cigarettes is £ 340.2, roughly a monthly instalment for a genuinely exclusive vehicle.

Little wow:

Now maybe you want to see how many cool things you can burn during your whole life?

Play a little more with the calculator and see what happens if you smoke 28 cigarettes a day for 45 years.

It turns out you burned down the house.

Since smoking is one of the ten bad habits, read the blog post. You will see in what other ways you can save money.

Something more valuable than a luxury car

Even though medicine developed to a very high level, you cannot cure some diseases quickly.

Perhaps the most popular are heart attacks and lung cancer. However, it is straightforward to avoid getting sick.

The first thing to remember is that a healthy body is much more valuable than a luxury car.

In other words, it doesn't matter that you have a great car if you can't drive it?

Imagine that after just 24 hours of non-smoking, a large proportion of the nicotine disappears from the body. Moreover, after 48 hours, you will regain the sensations of smell and taste. Over time, your health will begin to improve.

Of course, you will not feel any improvement after two weeks, but you will be in much better shape after a few months.

For example, after just one year, the risk of a heart attack is reduced by half. And after ten years, the risk of dying from lung cancer will completely disappear. As you can see, quitting smoking is not only a financial benefit but also health benefits.

You can't buy health for any money.

So the next time you smoke a cigarette, think about losing two essential things at the same time; money and a healthy body.

What is the most effective way to quit smoking?

1. Avoid triggers? Escape is the worst possible tactic because you should fight the problem, not run away from it. Shape your character. If you love to smoke while drinking coffee, make yourself a cup of coffee and put the cigarette pack in front of you. Look at the box and tell yourself that you will not smoke now, only after drinking coffee.

2. Special chewing gums, nicotine patches or electronic cigarettes? Don't even get down to cheap tricks. It's like drinking whiskey every day and trading it for drinking beer. The only thing you will gain is to change the form of your habit instead of fighting it.

3. Do not isolate yourself from smokers. Instead of running away from them, you'd better explain that you quit smoking. You can even link your friends to this post and help them. When you join forces, you can always achieve more than on your own.

4. Every time you feel like smoking, remember the advantages of not smoking. How much money you can save or how much your health will improve. However, if you do smoke, try not to finish your cigarette. Throw it out halfway through smoking, repeating in your head that smoking is disgusting and unnecessary.

5. Below, I have written the game plan for you. If you follow the simple rules, you will win. You won't need any phone apps or any other funny stuff. All you have to do is step by step to do what I did once.

How can I stop smoking on my own?

how to quit smoking notebook

At the outset, you must make an independent and irrevocable decision that you want to quit smoking. Prepare a small notebook in which you can write a quit smoking game plan.

The most crucial question you write down at the beginning is, “why do you want to quit smoking”.

At this point, give some real answers.

Big TIP: if the answers do not convince you, postpone the decision.

The first point to remember is that you must be highly motivated to quit smoking. Once you have your reasons written down, you now need to set a date to start quitting. Try not to let it be in the next two months.

Set a date and write it down in your notebook as well.

Now, the almost last thing you need to do is tell your friends about it.

Share your decision with as many people as possible – if you fail, you will be ashamed to show your lack of character. It will also motivate you more to stick to your decision and overcome weaknesses.

Ready to give up smoking?

game plan notebook

Start by listing the six main places where you smoke cigarettes in your notebook.

If you smoke at home, do not write “home”, but write in which rooms you smoke the most – for example, living room, kitchen, toilet, etc.

There will undoubtedly be a car or a walk in some cases, so consider these top six places.

From now on, try not to smoke anywhere other than the places you have written on your list.

Once a week, cross out one place you smoke from your list. It would be best if it would be the place you would least care about losing. Remember to prohibit smoking in this place strictly.

Now we will deal with the number of cigarettes smoked in one day, assuming that there are 20. Exactly every two days, subtract one cigarette from your limit.

If you retake the calculator and count it all, you will see that in precisely six weeks, you will win.

You will get rid of a nasty habit.

Over time, you run out of places to smoke, as well as the number of cigarettes available. The plan is perfect, and its only downside is you.

For everything to go as planned, you must show your will to win and work on your character.

After 20 years of smoking, it took me six weeks to get free.

You can do it too.

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Author: Robert K Florkowski

Robert Florkowski - Horus London

I am a self-made entrepreneur and life coach with a mission to exemplify what is possible for anyone who commits their life to mastery.

I'm passionate about living my best life and helping others do the same.

My motto is: If it wasn't hard, then everyone could do it, which means that success comes through dedication and commitment – not just willingness or ability.

I believe we can all live our dreams if we fully commit to mastering what matters most: Ourselves!


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