How To Monetize A Blog? Few Smart Ways


Monetize a blog – is it possible? And if so, how much work will it cost? How much can you earn from blogging? Can anyone start a blog? How much money do you need to invest in creating earning?

These are quite tricky questions because the answers are given by people who make a lot and those who have not been successful. From my workplace, which you can see in the picture above, I will honestly answer all your questions.

Can everyone monetize a blog?

The definite answer is YES! In fact, each of us is a blogger. If you have an account on Facebook or Instagram, you are indeed a blogger. Every once in a while, you publish a story that happened to you, post photos and other things that delight your audience.

For example, you went on a trip in which you uploaded stories with pictures. People often ask where you buy such a jacket, bicycle or other things related to your trip. Now is the moment where the opportunity to make money opens up. You can, for example, include an affiliate link in such a post. Your audience will be happy to take your advice, someone will click on the link, and you will earn money.

A long time ago, a blog was more like stories about your hobby, for example. For several years, however, it begins to take not only the form of earning extra money, sometimes it is a way of life. Every single day more blogs are created that are more or less professional. The authors of these blogs earn more or less money, and it all depends on the form that such a blog will have.

How much can I earn from blog monetization?

You cannot answer this question unequivocally, because everything depends on you. If you publish one post a month, you will probably spend more money on powering your laptop. Not to mention other needs, of course.

Don't think now that writing 400 posts in two days will solve the problem. I would even say that you will achieve the complete opposite effect.

The average earnings of bloggers vary from a few hundred dollars a month to few thousand.

I know such blogs, on which the owners earn over a hundred thousand a month, although the work on creating these blogs took several years.

How much time and work before I monetize my blog?

A well-written blog article usually takes two to three hours of writing alone. However, you need to search the internet for a similar subject to the one you want to write. Monitoring your competition is an excellent and free tool for your search.

You need to satisfy search engines such as Google, and you need to format the text and headers. Of course, it will not be possible without correcting errors in the text, and in this, the Grammarly checker will be a great help.

You also need to remember about the photos you want to add because searching also takes time. Generally speaking, creating a one perfect blog post is a whole day's work.

If you have the plan to start your blog, you must consider that the Google search engine needs several months to index your website. Besides, you have to remember that the age of the website is also of great importance.

There must be at least a 50 posts on the blog before you can monetize it, and it will take no less than six months.

How do bloggers get paid?

There are two primary sources of income from which a blogger can profit. The first is the profit from transactions that are made by visitors to your blog – the safest and most profitable way. Nobody will take your blog from you; once you create it, it will stay forever. Below, I will write about how you can monetize your blog.

The second form, although less secure, is earnings from ads displayed on your blog. Why am I saying that this is a less secure form of earning money? Because the advertiser may withdraw their ads from your blog, or the ad placement rules may change. So you can lose your source of income in an instant.

Let's assume you've been running a YouTube channel for two years and have 50,000 subscribers. You even get a lot of advertising revenue embedded in your videos, and suddenly YouTube closes your channel. These things happen very often, and an example is my friend who ran a quite controversial YouTube channel. She lost four years of building her business in one night because Youtube demonetized most of her videos.

Another bad point of advertising is the reaction of your audience. Not everyone likes ads, and quite a few people use AdBlock to get rid of their sight. Nevertheless, it is also a form of earning money on the blog. To sum up, we have two options: selling or recommending products and services or paid advertising.

How do I monetize my blog?

how to monetize a blog pile of money
You can build your own pile of money

For several years now, the blog has not only been writing an online diary but has become a handy marketing tool. It is used not only to promote larger or smaller companies but also to earn money.

The coolest thing is that now even a tiny person can promote himself in this way, additionally make quite a lot of money. I will write to you in a dozen or so points about what you can do to earn some cash.

However, remember that you don't have to stick to one end and hold onto it tightly. You can combine these methods, create different configurations, and build an even more enormous pile of money.

So let's start.

1. Affiliate marketing

For a beginner blogger, affiliate links on a blog are the best way to monetize it. Firstly, signing up for the affiliate program is free, and secondly, you can significantly enrich your content's value. There are plenty of affiliate programs, starting with Amazon and the eBay Partner Network, which are the easiest to use. However, the most popular program is ClickBank, where you get many materials to promote available products.

Don't stop at this level because there are more possibilities. If you want to keep a blog about finance, you can make great affiliate deals with banks, for example. I know a person who earned over £ 64,000 for one loan recommendation.

An affiliation is a powerful tool that requires a lot of creativity from you, but it is worthwhile. Do a google search on a specific topic, find another blogger and promote his services or goods. Sometimes you can count up to 50-75% of the commission. Amazon won't give you that much. Neither will any bank.

See affiliate marketing for beginners, which is a great program even if you don't have your blog yet.

2. Monetize your blog with paid ads

Another popular method is Google AdSense, which is placing paid ads on your blog. Unfortunately, you have to comply with the quite strict AdSense program policies. I wrote about this opportunity only because it is easy and does not require daily work. As with affiliation, you need to have high traffic to make a good profit. Remember that at the beginning, your blog will be visited mainly by Google robots.

3. Earn money by selling your knowledge

You can run your blog as a specialist in a specific field. Your visitor can recognize you as an expert, which can open the way to many other money-making opportunities. Somebody may ask you to give a paid interview or speak at an event.

Don't think that only famous bloggers can get invited to such events. It is also about the remuneration for the specialist blogger. In the beginning, you can ask slightly smaller amounts, which you will raise over time. However, this form of earning money on a blog requires you to promote your blog.

4. Kick-start your project

Believe me or not, it's your business. Let me give you a one simple example: your suitcase at the airport has wheels. Guess who invented them up and how much money did this man make on this idea?

The second example is your shoes have laces, who invented them and how much money this person has for it.

Third example: you are sitting in front of the computer and reading my post. Makeup something, even stupid and straightforward, and now try to make money on it.

Make a blog about some things that will make people's lives easier or funny. Look for what problems they have and find the solution. You can find financing for your project on portals such as KickStarter.

I'm unique, I know. Thank you.

5. Collect donation from your audience

One of the most popular portals is Patreon, which will help you organize everything. Within 15 minutes, you can build a profile page to specify the amount of the donation. As well, it will be a form of advertising your blog for free.

The advantage of this form is that you do not have to worry about payment data or store your audience's data. Everything is well secured as it matters a lot to Patreon.

Unfortunately, there is a small downside to the fee Patreon charges on the money your audience pays.
An example of my page on Patreon could inspire you to do a similar thing on your blog.

Of course, you can do precisely the same using the selected PayPal button that you can create when you log into your account. Here, too, a fee is charged for the donation option. The difference between the two is that Patreon is the monthly payment. However, you can set PayPal to charge a one-time fee from your audience.

See how it looks like and maybe you decide to become my patron or buy me a coffee. The first button will take you to the Patreon website, while the second button will take you through PayPal.

Popular mistakes made by novice bloggers

Albert Einstein
If you don't know what you are doing, you are doing it wrong

If you start a blog based only on your idea, you will probably drown in a short time. It is not enough to read other blogs or see how others do it. Nobody gives away their knowledge for free because time is money.

Avoid mistakes, I'll show you how. Subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive e-mail portions of unique tips, additionally for free.

Now you have such an opportunity that humankind has not had before. You can learn everything without even moving your ass from the chair. Appreciate these opportunities, buy me a coffee, let me develop, and soon I will help you.

Click how many stars you like, write in the comment what you think about all of this, and if you like what I wrote – share with your friends. You will help me, yourself and many others. Thanks!

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