How To Make A Website From Scratch


To make money from home, you have to discover how to make a website.

It's a common misconception that starting a new business online is too complicated or takes too much time.

In reality, it can be as easy as opening up an email account and sending out a few emails. I will share how you can start your successful e-commerce store from scratch in less than 5 hours!

And I'll show you all the tools you need.

Of course, many people say that you don't have to build a website to make money online, but my opinion is different.

Why do you need a website to make money online?

Can someone without special knowledge build a website?

Nowadays, building a website is easy even for a novice. There are many free and mostly outdated tutorials on the internet. Not all of them are bad. However, you can take a paid website building course.

Table of Contents

Follow these ten steps for success

Find A Niche And Fill It

Do some research on what people search online and see any holes in the market. If not, then think about expanding into another niche that has more demand.

You'll want to research competitors before entering this niche, though, so make sure there aren't too many big players in the space

Find A Domain Name

This is what you'll use to brand your business, and it has to be memorable and relevant to your product or service.

You can do a quick search for available names on Godaddy by just typing in the words you want in the search box, so go ahead and try finding one now.

I will use HealthAndBeautyForYou for this example because it's short, easy to remember, and relates directly to my product/service offering.

When choosing your exclusive domain name, make sure that it will be simple enough for people to remember later down the line.

If someone can't find your website again after their first visit, there's no point in having it.

Build A Website

This step will differ depending on what you're selling and what platform you want your new website to be on.

You can check out Shopify if you want more of the technical aspects handled for you.

Still, I prefer doing everything myself so that I can have complete control over my website.

If this is your first time building an eCommerce website, don't worry about getting everything perfect.

The more websites you build, the better at it you'll become. It may even take many attempts before you are happy enough to launch your product/service – but remember that Rome wasn't built in a day!

Find A Product To Sell

Try finding something in demand, and it won't be too difficult for you to get your hands on.

The goal of finding a product is to find something that isn't too competitive.

Check what the most requested product is. You can use Amazon for this.

Check the list of best selling products.

Don't compete on price.

Publish better photos than your competitors. Do a better product description than your competitors have done.

And remember one thing: You need the competition to get better at what you do.

Don't be afraid of it!

Find A Vendor

If you don't want to go through the trouble of importing/ordering your products, one option would be using Alibaba.

This website has many options for food, home decor, clothing, electronics and almost anything else under the sun. You can use their search bar or browse their extensive directory to find what you're looking for.

I have found that Alibaba has verified a lot of suppliers, so take extra care when choosing who you decide to do business with.

Ship Your Product

If your supplier allows, order a sample first before placing a larger order.

Make sure that everything is as you wanted, and if it isn't, don't be afraid to tell them because this should be a match made in heaven!

Create A Sales Funnel

This step will vary greatly depending on what niche/product you are selling.

Still, it's essential to consider how many customers see your site and how many conversions (sales/leads) you get from these views.

For example, if a hundred people visit your site and 10 buy, you have a 10% conversion rate.

There are multiple ways to improve this conversion rate, but the two most common strategies used online are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Advertising.

Marketing And Promotion

If no one knows about your product or service, there is no reason for it to sell, so you'll need to do some marketing!

This could be through Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, or even a Reddit campaign. You can also get creative with other forms of promotion, such as giving out free samples to your target market.

It's important to try many different types of marketing because some things may work great while others may not work at all.

This is where your product will come in handy. Because you can see what's selling the best, where it's selling the best, and even who is buying your product.

You can repeat any strategies working for you while cutting out any of the failed marketing campaigns.

Stay Consistent

Sales won't be consistent throughout your entire business.

So you have to make sure to stay on top of your game by promoting yourself whenever it makes sense (i.e. giveaways).

I like starting new promotional campaigns on Mondays since people tend to look forward to these events right when they start their week off.

The key is staying consistent with whatever promotions/marketing activities you decide to do and following through with them!

Scale Your Business

As time goes on, you should see your income grow, which you need to put back into the business.

This is very important because if you are doing things right.

Your company's growth should far exceed any personal expenses so that all extra cash can go right back into your business!

Money making website essentials: hosting

The primary and most crucial thing is hosting, of course.

Hosting is the heart of your website.

In this heart, you install WordPress as well as all plugins you need to run your website.

My recommendation is SiteGround, as it is easy to use and has tremendous technical support.

Therefore, even if you have no experience, you can handle it easily.

Moreover, it will not ruin you financially.

Of course, in addition to hosting, you will need a domain that you can also order with SiteGround.

Right now, you have the first example of how the money making website works.

I am a partner of SiteGround, and I recommend their services.

If you purchase via my unique affiliate link, I will get a commission.

For you, the purchase conditions, as well as the price, do not change at all. It is simple.

However, if you would like to understand in detail how affiliate marketing works, I invite you to read the article affiliate marketing for beginners.

Domain for your money making website

Let's start with the question of what a domain is.

The shortest answer is that the domain is your website address.

Do you have to have your domain?

Simple answer: YES. The domain identifies the owner of the website. You should make sure that the domain is registered in your name and at your company's address.

How to choose the right domain name?

First of all, the domain name should be short and easy to remember. If you want to build a blog that will be your brand, using your name would be the right thing. You can also use your company's name in the domain, which will also be a unique name.

Where can you find and register your domain?

If you choose the hosting, I offered to you above. You will have the option to buy and register a domain. You will also get the SSL security certificate, which is indispensable nowadays.

Of course, not only SiteGround offers these services. Most hosting providers have it in their packages.

You can buy a registered domain.

Additionally, you can also search for an existing domain that is no longer used. The best place is Expired Domains, which offers domains no longer used but have a good history.

Prices are usually relatively high, but in return, you get a product with a firm position.

Domain ownership

By paying for a domain, you are giving yourself the right to use a specific website address.

Unfortunately, the domain cannot be owned by you.

It's exactly like a phone number – as long as you pay for the subscription, the specific number is yours, so you have the exclusive right to use it. When you stop paying or your contract expires – you lose this exclusivity. It is the same with the domain.

By paying, you guarantee your exclusive use of it.

Owning your own domain is more like a lease than ownership.

Money making website essentials: design

Website design is the most important thing when it comes to your audience's experience. However, this is not the only important point when you will create your website.

You also need to pay close attention to functionality, easy builder handling and page loading speed.

Therefore, I have selected the three best builders for you that meet the above requirements.

Elementor website builder

Elementor is the most popular website builder.

I have been successfully using it for several years, both for myself and my clients.

Perfect for building all kinds of websites.

Additionally, you can read a pervasive Elementor review, which will thoroughly help you learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of this builder.

If you decide to build your website with Elementor, it costs $ 49 per year.

Elegant Themes - Divi website builder

Divi offers everything you need to build a website.

It is easy to use. Despite the many options available, as a beginner, you can get into it very quickly.

The settings menu is well organized and guides you through the different steps of creating a page.

Divi is suitable for creating all kinds of sites such as shops, blogs and news sites.

On YouTube, you will find a lot of positive opinions about this builder.

The price depends on your needs – from $ 89 for a one-year license.

Woostify - WooCommerce website builder

Woostify is a theme specially designed for building stores.

The standard version provides automatic installation of add-ons such as Elementor, Cart Flows, Variation Swatcher, Wishlist and of course, WooComerce.

In short, with one click of a button, you install all the necessary tools to build a shop.

The advantage of Woostify is the ability to use the free version, which has all the necessary functions to build a functional store.

The price for one website is $49 per year, but also you can use the free version.

Money making website essentials: tools

To effectively earn money on your website, you need an email marketing tool.

And here I have a real surprise for you.

I'll show you two tools. When integrated, it creates a unique and super cheap money-making machine.

I'm talking about a great product from WP Manage Ninja. You can also find there a lot of useful WordPress add-ons. 

FluentCRM - email marketing tool

FluentCRM is a fully equipped marketing tool.

A very easy-to-use plugin for WordPress allows you to collect and manage mailing lists efficiently.

I have previously used the MailChimp service on my website. However, after discovering FluentCRM a few months ago, I just fell in love with the solution.

The main advantage is not only easy operation and functionality but also the price.

You will pay just $ 129 for the annual license, which is a real blow to the competition.

Of course, you can find more detailed information in the FluentCRM review on my blog.

FluentFORMS - quiz funnel builder

Remember, the more attractive the form, the better your chances of getting a subscriber.

FluentFORMS is a fantastic addition to FluentCRM, and with this tool, you can create a unique design of forms.

Honestly, the price for the license is low because you will pay only $ 41 for the whole year.

In exchange for the possibilities this plugin offers, it's like getting something for free because competing software can cost you up to several hundred dollars a month.

If you want to see FluentFORMS in action, you can complete this short quiz, then come back here and finish reading this article.

Rank Math - SEO tool

If you want your website to make good money, you need to show it to the world. The best of the cheap tools is Rank Math.

Rank Math has a fantastic amount of valuable tools in its free version. The PRO version will allow you to position your website easily.

The biggest competitor to Rank Math is YoastSEO, although, in the free version, you have far fewer features available.

Either way, website positioning is more critical if you want to get traffic for free and save thousands of dollars in advertising.

Money making website essentials: add-ons

Above, I have introduced you to the fundamental elements of building your money-making website.

Of course, the list of necessary things does not end there.

As you develop your website, you will want to use more tools. I mean, for example, the video player or the comment sections.

Shortly, you may want to add a system to share your posts on social media.

You can then expand your main money-making website with a shop or learning platform. For such activities, you will also need professional tools.

Here you can check out all the best business tools I use.

A most important tool for money making website

Copywriting is one of the most potent ways to influence a customer's purchasing decision.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert copywriter, getting your message out there and into customers' minds is essential.

However, most marketers struggle with how to get the words out there and what type of content they should create to drive traffic to their website.

Jarvis is a new AI-powered copywriting software tool that helps entrepreneurs and digital marketers write killer content that attractively converts visitors into customers.

What exactly does that mean?

Read the article: Artificial Intelligence Software Will Crush Your Competitors

How much will it cost you to make a website?

Here I have great news for you: if you use all the tools mentioned above with the PRO version, your investment will not exceed $ 350.

Of course, you can use all this software in the free version, and then you only spend money on hosting and domain.

Moreover, it would be best if you remembered a significant thing, or rather two things.

First of all, if you want to build a professional business, you must use professional tools.

Second, if you're going to make money, then you have to invest money. Two simple things without which no serious business can exist.

If you are curious about how you can make money on your website, read this article about monetising your blog.

Another way to make a website

If you do not feel strong enough to build a money making website yourself, you can outsource such a task to someone else.

In my opinion, Fiverr is the best place.

For little money, someone will build a website for you.

Start as easy as it gets.

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