Greatest Inexpensive Tools For Your Business

greatest inexpensive business tool selection

Here, I will present all the incredible and inexpensive business tools I have used to build my affiliate marketing business.

Of course, you will find a lot of free tools here.

Although, some others will require a subscription or one-time license.

The apparent fact is that most products are associated with affiliate links to earn tiny commissions from qualifying purchases.

Table of Contents

Tools For All Marketers

Copywriting AI - Meet Jarvis

Artificial intelligence is sneaking into our lives in great strides.

Let me tell you about a bit of a robot called Jarvis.

Jarvis has already read almost 10% of all content available on the Internet. The specialists programmed the robot to write any text for you.

You can tell Jarvis to write a blog post or advertise on Google. If you wish, you can ask him to write an eBook.

Jarvis does not cost much. He will not ask for vacation and will do his job as best he can.

Thanks to this, you will break your competition into pieces.

Hire Jarvis before your competitors do!

Jarvis Logo

Grammarly - Writing Editor

It doesn't matter if you are a professional copyrighter or you run a YouTube channel.

A tool like Grammarly is needed by everyone because it is an essential part of communication.

There are two versions to choose from:

Free version which will check grammar and conciseness.

Premium has much more to do and is covered in great detail in the blog post.

Greatest Business Tools Grammarly grammar checker logo

DesignRR - eBook Creation Tool

Straightforward and effective e-book creation tool that doesn't require any special skills from you.

You can easily convert a post from your blog or directly from MS Word, Google Docs, and many more.

DesignRR has an excellent drag-and-drop interface, so it won't take long to make a complete e-book.

Unfortunately, there is no free version, but you have 30 days to test this helpful tool.

In case you did not like it, you can ask for a refund.

DesignRR eBook Creator Tool

Fiverr - Complete Service

If you don't want to struggle with content creation alone, help is here. In fact, everything from A to Z.

To use the website, you need to create a free account.

Of course, you will have to pay for each service, although these are not expensive services. Prices start at just $ 5.

Transactions are safe because the contractor will not be paid until you accept the project.

Detailed information about the possibilities of this site can be found, of course, on the blog post.

greatest business tools Fiver

Tools For Website Design

SiteGround - Website Hosting

SiteGround is a hosting company for WordPress, which is one of the oldest operators. The company was founded in 2004 and is still doing great.

The basic package starts at a few dollars a month. Of course, you can take advantage of the promotion and get many excellent bonuses.

SiteGround is also one of the super-popular web hosts, so that you will go through the installation process without any problems. There are thousands of training videos on YouTube.

Based on this hosting, I have built several websites for my clients, and everyone is satisfied.

If you want to build your fantastic website with SiteGround and are somehow unhappy, you can count on your money back within 30 days.

The SiteGround offer also includes the possibility to purchase a domain and many additional services.

Woostify - Dedicated WooCommerce Theme

In my opinion, Woostify is the best choice if you want to build your unique online store. Not to mention, the free version already offers a very professional and functional look.

Of course, you have a choice between the free version and the paid version. And here you can guess that the paid version offers a lot of possibilities.

Even if you are not a specialist, you will be able to build a store quickly. Woostify will automatically install plugins for you, such as WooCommerce, Elementor, WishList, and a few more. Overall, a complete solution.

If you want to see what Woostify looks like in action, I invite you to visit My Shop. I built this store to showcase the Woostify capabilities, but now it serves as an additional source of income.

Woostify WooCommerce Theme

Elementor - Website Builder

Elementor is one of the simplest and most popular website building tools. After many months of working with Elemetor, I can certainly recommend it to you, even if you don't know much about website building.

Of course, the basic free version has few extras, but the paid version allows you to do magic. Imagine that with Elementor, you can build an entire website structure from scratch.

A significant advantage is that you do not need any special technical knowledge to create exciting projects.

If you are going to build your website, you must not miss this incredible tool that Elementor is.

elementor pro logo

Rank Math - SEO Tool

It doesn't matter whether your website looks good or bad if no one can find it on Google or Bing.

SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization – is responsible for positioning your website in search results.

You need to know that a well-optimized website is your chance for free traffic. And you can save thousands of dollars on advertising.

As you already know, I love saving your money, so I will add that it is the cheapest and the best option on the market.

Rank Math offers so many goodies in the free version that you would have to buy a paid package from the competition.

Now imagine the cool stuff the paid version of Rank Math has to offer.

Rank Math SEO Tool

WP Rocket - Web Performance

WP Rocket is a dedicated WordPress plugin that will significantly speed up the loading time of your website.

Soon Google will introduce five parameters regarding the quality of your website. One of these parameters will be Core Web Vitals, and your page loading speed will become a significant factor.

Of course, you can use the free plugins, each for something different, and you probably have a few. As you well know, free plugins are limited, and installing many plugins slows down the website.

Here WP Rocket comes with invaluable help because it will replace all the plugins you are using so far. Moreover, it will reduce the costs of running your business.

You will find more information about the benefits in the post on my blog.

wp rocket logo

FluentCRM - Email Marketing System

Everyone who runs his blog or online store must take care of his customers. You need a mailing list that does the job well. Of course, many plugins do this, although not all are as unique as Fluent CRM.

Why is this plugin unique? Because it is much cheaper than competitors ‘products, and it performs its tasks better than competitors' products.

I have been using the Fluent CRM plugin for many months on my blog and in my shop. The plugin integrates perfectly with WhooCommerce and with many other programs.

You can try Fluent CRM for free, but remember that there is also a paid version with many additional features. I have described everything for you.

fluent crm logo

FluentForms - Quiz Funnel Builder

The WP Ninja company surprised me with another addition to its offer. This fantastic addition is FluentFORMS.

In addition to the fact that FluentForms includes dozens of templates as ready-made forms, you also can set payments.

On the other hand, conversational forms are the greatest asset that arouses the most significant interest among the public.

Now you can create excellent quiz funnels that will multiply the interest of your subscribers.

Of course, you can find some of these quizzes on my website. You can check how they work and what they look like.

However, you can find a much more detailed description in the blog post.

FluentForms Logo

Canva - Photo Editor

Canva is another FREE and fantastic tool, this time for creating graphic designs.

You can really easily create a graphic for your website, Facebook post or Instagram.

Moreover, it is perfect for creating graphic presentations such as advertising banners, thumbnails or company logos.

In fact, any kind of artwork.

Includes loads of free templates, photos, fonts, and modification tools.

Of course, in the premium version, much more possibilities.

greates business tools Canva

Pixabay - Free Pictures Libary

If you want to create engaging content on your project, it would be great to include attractive pictures or graphics.

Pixabay is a vast database where you can find thousands of copyright-free photos, graphics, but also short videos.

To use the site, create a free account and enjoy the resources that you can find there

I use this website frequently.

data base tools pixabay

Cool Text - Custom Text Design

Again, free account registration and hundreds of patterns to choose.

You can modify colours and fonts, and everything is on a translucent background.

The created logo is perfect; for example, you can place in a video on YouTube.

Thousands of possibilities, thousands of uses, and the most important thing are that it's free.

cool text design editor

Rate My Post - 5 Star Rating System

Rate My Post PRO is another fantastic and free WordPress plugin:

Firstly, it will significantly enhance the look and feel of your posts.

Secondly, you will learn how your audience reacts to the content you publish.

Thirdly, the plugin is effortless to use and set up.

Last and most important thing, you can set a rich snippet that will appear in the Google search engine.

Of course, I will describe it in detail in the blog post.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress directly or creator's website.

rate my post pro rating system free plugin logo

Tools For YouTube Creators

VidIQ - Performance Monitor

As a matter of fact, developing a YouTube channel is difficult; the vidIQ team will provide invaluable help.

Assuming you are the new YouTube creator, some necessary help will come in handy.

With that in mind, all you need to do is create a free account.

The application is in the form of an extension for the Chrome or FireFox browser.

In the free version, you can count on “Video Scorecard” and “Live Stats Bar”.

Of course, there is also a paid version, although we get into the details on the blog post.

vidiq blue welcome poster

Speechelo - Text To Voice Converter

Your voice problem is solved. Speechelo is a very easy-to-use text-to-voice converter.

The voice sounds very human, which is an enormous advantage of this tool over others.

Another great advantage is that you can choose from up to 23 different languages.

Speechelo is very helpful if you don't have a good microphone to record your voice or your English isn't very good.

If you are very uncomfortable or feel that your voice is unsuitable for video production, then Speechelo can help.

You can create not only great-sounding videos but also great audiobooks, podcasts and much more.

Of course, you can earn quite good money on it. I think Speechelo is a big competitor to professional voiceover.

Speechelo Text To Vioce Converter

Production Crate - Special Effects Database

Another fantastic place visited by millions of people from all over the world.

Countless special effects that you can use, for example, when creating videos for YouTube.

The FREE plan guarantees limited access to all basic resources, albeit in good quality. 

In the PRO plan, you get unlimited access to all resources and are of the highest quality.

If you care about creating unique designs, this investment is for you.

the best free software productioncrate logo on dark background

Offeo - Amazing Video Creator

If you post your ads on FB, Tik-Tok, Instagram or anywhere on the net – make sure they attract attention!

Only now you have the opportunity to take advantage of Offeo on preferential terms and get the lifetime offer almost for free!

You will be creating amazing commercials in minutes, and the conversion will blast into space.

Promote your products in a super attractive way!

offeo online video ad maker

Basic Tripod For Camera - Tacklife MLT02

Perfect for people who start on YouTube.

Inexpensive, made of very light aluminium, it works great indoors.

You can install any mobile phone on it, thanks to a designated holder, as well as any camera.

The set also includes a remote control that communicates with a mobile phone or camera via Bluetooth.

It is an elementary set, and it is enough to start your journey.

However, if you're interested in a more advanced setting, check out this tripod.

tripod with mobile phone mounted on white background

GoPro Hero 7 - Action Camera

A fantastic waterproof camera, especially useful for YouTube creators.

One of the best cameras on the market at an affordable price.

If you focus on the highest quality, this equipment is the best choice for you.

It is not the cheapest product, but you can win it in our competition.

For a more detailed description, check out our blog post.

GoPro HERO 7 Black Camera

Author: Robert K Florkowski

Robert Florkowski - Horus London

I am a self-made entrepreneur and life coach with a mission to exemplify what is possible for anyone who commits their life to mastery.

I'm passionate about living my best life and helping others do the same.

My motto is: If it wasn't hard then everyone could do it, which means that success comes through dedication and commitment – not just willingness or ability.

I believe we can all live our dreams if we commit ourselves fully to mastering what matters most: Ourselves!


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