Grammarly – Exclusive Grammar Checker That You Will Love


First of all, what is Grammarly? In short, this is the grammar checker that will improve your writing skills and save you time.

Grammarly's primary function is to correct English mistakes while you type.

If the error is grammatical or spelling-related, it will highlight the error and show you what is wrong with it. If you tap on the word, Grammarly will automatically fix the mistake for you.

Not everyone must be like Ernest Hemingway, but everyone can use Grammarly.

I have been using this software in the PRO version for several months, and I am delighted with it.

I would also like to add that English is not my native language. Furthermore, the entire Horus London website, blog posts I wrote using Grammarly.

Even if I'm making a caption for a YouTube video, or a Facebook post, I use Grammarly all the time.

It is worth mentioning a PAID and FREE version of Grammarly. Therefore, I encourage you to create a FREE account to test the basic features of the software.

Before I explain how these features work, let me give you a very brief overview of how Grammarly works. As mentioned before, it highlights mistakes as you type and has a built-in spell checker that will notify you if there is any mistake in spelling.

The best part about Grammarly is that it doesn't restrict itself to correcting errors but instead uses an algorithm that decides what correction needs to be done for you. Based on some factors such as the kind of writing, your typing habits or even your style.

In other words, using Grammarly means having a virtual proofreader always at your disposal!

Who needs grammar checker the most?

This exclusive grammar checker is beneficial for those who want to communicate professionally with other people.

For example, if your job is a journalist or blogger, Grammarly is an excellent addition to your writing skills.

Using this grammar checker, you can quickly write an article, review, or post on social media.

Even if you want to write an e-mail or cover letter for a new employer, Grammarly will also be helpful.

This superb grammar checker can also act as your teacher.

If you are a student writing your work, you can significantly improve your spelling and writing styles. Besides, the paid version also includes a plagiarism checker so that you will avoid any trouble.

You must remember that teachers also have access to Grammarly and can quickly check the originality of your work.

So you have the option to subscribe for one month and then cancel it. However, I know from my experience that using this excellent application is addictive.

Honestly, I can't imagine a day without using Grammarly. It is not a lack of writing skills but the ease with which you can create articles.

It's just fun, and you can earn money on it. How? Read on.

How to make money with Grammarly?

Finally, it is worth mentioning that with the paid version, you can start earning money quickly.

Many websites offer copywriter jobs, and the most popular one is Fiverr. You can ask for five dollars for writing a short text. However, more severe reviews or articles can be worth up to 375 dollars.

Additionally, you can start creating your e-books which you can later sell on Amazon Kindle. There are a lot of ideas, and you can do everything in your spare time.

Think quick about how long it will take you to write, for example, a description of a product. Assuming it's up to 500 words, you could earn 90 dollars on it.

Look at the picture below.

Grammarly earning potential

As you can see in the picture above, you can use Fiverr for customer acquisition.

I made this screenshot to show you what potential opportunities you can gain.

The faswaldo user has a queue of six pending jobs (1), for which he will get 94.57 (2) for just 500 words (3). This offer is for basic service only.

Guess what the price will be for the service if someone asks you to write, for example, 2500 words.

Create your e-book and sell it

Another great option is creating an e-book that you can perfectly write in terms of grammar and style. That is what Grammarly has.

Surely you have been irritated many times by reading articles or e-books, and there have been many errors. By publishing a perfectly written e-book or blog article, you significantly increase your authority.

Of course, when talking about a blog article, the reader will be delighted and Google robots.
So if you want to create your work, see how you can create a free lead magnet that you can sell later.

Even if you don't already have your website, you can start selling on eBay or Amazon KDP.

Many companies are looking for copywriters

On Linkedin, you can find many offers of permanent cooperation for copywriters. In addition, many companies are looking for people who will write articles on various topics. And the salary will surprise you sometimes.

The requirements, however, are very high when it comes to the quality of the texts produced. That's why Grammarly comes to the rescue again.

Create Free Grammarly Account?

Grammarly checker Pros and Cons

choice sign

Firstly, I will start with the disadvantages because there aren't many of them.

Secondly, I will outline the advantages in detail below.

Of course, the most critical factor influencing the purchase of a product is its price.

In the case of Grammarly, the monthly subscription price is relatively high, but you can count on quite significant discounts.

The annual subscription is the most profitable, but it is still quite a cost.

However, as mentioned above, you can make money by using Grammarly. One paid order is enough for the yearly subscription to pay off.

The second minor bug I found was that Grammarly only works if it has an internet connection. From time to time, you can use Grammarly in places where there is no internet connection.

This situation is not a bothersome problem as you can return to the saved document at any time.

When there is an internet connection, you can check if your work is correct and send it on.

Human proofreader

The last and most important part to remember is that the Grammarly checker will not replace a human proofreader.

You can set the tone of the text, its style or clarity, but Grammarly fail to establish the sentence's meaning.

Somebody who does not speak English at all will have the most problems. Of course, you can use “Google Translator”, but you also need to speak some English.

I will show you how Grammarly doesn't understand what story you are writing with a simple sentence example

A sentence that doesn't make any sense:

“In the fall, two submarines in the forest pulled over the curb on Tuesday because the soup was too salty. Moreover, from the top of carrots was a car driven away.”

See below how Grammarly handled this text.


As you can see in the pic above on the sidebar, Grammarly shows complete success! But, of course, this is not true because writing such texts will be useless in regular life.

However, that doesn't mean something is missing here. First, of course, you can use the “Get Expert Writing Help” service for some additional fee.

The little table below shows the cost of the human document check service. Is it an expensive service?

Let's say it depends on how much you earn on your work.

grammarly checker human help pricing

Greatest benefits of this grammar checker

First of all, all bloggers are sure to enjoy the results of their work with Grammarly.

For search engines like Google, well-written text is a priority. Thanks to good results, your posts have a chance of taking top places on google pages. Not only that, but it will also positively influence communication with your audience.

All blog posts and all Horus London pages arose using the excellent tool Grammarly. If you write a blog, you know how many parameters matter. Of course, these parameters apply to many other categories.

For example, the description for a YouTube video is much more critical than tags or keywords.

The same is the description of a book published on Amazon Kindle. Not to mention advertising the product on Facebook or any other platform.

For several years, Google has been working hard on an algorithm to enable the search engine to understand the text.

But, unfortunately, keywords are not enough to position a product well. That is why you should focus on perfectly formatted content.

In the screenshot below, you can see excellent results achieved with this fantastic grammar checker.


Grammarly price list

1 Month

1-month subscription
$ 29
95 Month
  • Premium Account


3-month subscription
$ 59
95 Month
  • Premium Account


12-month subscription
$ 139
95 Annual
  • Premium Account

Before you choose your plan

Before you decide which plan you want to buy, I would like to share my story.

Today, at this article update, I have been using Grammarly for over a year.

In the picture below, I have marked important information about my subscriptions.

I used the blue frame for this purpose.

Grammarly Pricing Shedule
Grammarly Pricing

Between July 2020 and February 2021, I spent a total of $179.80

Now do the math quickly: in just eight months, I have significantly exceeded the annual subscription value of $139.95

179.80 – 139.95 = 39.85

That's wasted money. You might say that forty dollars are not a lot of money. You're right, but if you don't learn to save small amounts, you'll never be rich.

Anyway, you have to register your free account first.

Create Free Grammarly Account?

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Author: Robert K Florkowski

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I'm passionate about living my best life and helping others do the same.

My motto is: If it wasn't hard then everyone could do it, which means that success comes through dedication and commitment – not just willingness or ability.

I believe we can all live our dreams if we commit ourselves fully to mastering what matters most: Ourselves!


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