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Who I am is the most philosophical question you can ask yourself.

At an international airport, the journalist surveyed: What do you think is the worst in the world?
People said different things: war, poverty, betrayal, disease.

At that time, Zen monk Sung San stood in the hall. The journalist, seeing the Buddhist, asked the monk a question.

To which the monk asked an entirely different question:

– Who you are?
– Me? John Smith.
– No, it's a name, but who are you?
– I'm a TV reporter for the company…
– No. It's a job, but who are you?
– I am a human,
– No, it's your biological species, but who are you?

The reporter finally understood that he was unable to answer the monk's question and stopped
with his mouth wide open, not knowing what to say.

The monk noticed this and replied:

And this is the worst thing in the world – not know who you are.

If you don't know who you are, you also can't understand what you want and where you are going. The great philosopher Socrates said that you should start by getting to know yourself. In this way, you will take the first step towards learning the wisdom that will allow you to live happily.

robert florkowski fortune frenzy creator
Robert Florkowski - Horus London Limited

What is fortune frenzy?

How do you associate the term fortune frenzy with what? Probably with money. But it's not just financially wealthy. For many people, this means having real friends or finding the love of life. For other people, it means enjoying good health. But for the most part, it's something they don't have.

I guarantee you two things. Firstly, this website will help you discover your goal in life and the necessary path you need to take to achieve it. And this is the beginning of the story. There is no option that you will read everything that written here, and you will still not understand what your goal is? No way!

Secondly, it guarantees you that you will get a great reward for doing the backbreaking work waiting for you. You will become a happy person. In fact, you are already fortunate because you are reading this now. But just reading is not enough because you have to put it all into practice.

What is my mission? Fortune Frenzy!

The present times have made me think strongly about the future and stability in my life. That's the reason why I started doing something that will keep me safe. Over my years in the current business, I pretty much come across every one of the different passive income strategies.

I started with nothing, no qualifications and indeed no knowledge. But I slowly came across people that inspired me, and I started using their passive income ideas in my life. Therefore, I'm so grateful to those people that I've met along the way.

I'd love to take you on the same journey. My mission statement has remained for years
unchangeable and reads as follows: “To help people, that they would achieve their goals faster than if they did without mine help”.

Regardless of which point you are at in your life, you will be able to take advantage and some tips away. And you can use them to make more money passively and change your life, just in the same fashion as I did.

I have accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge that I want to share with you throughout my life. “Fortune Frenzy” is such a casino where you can't lose. You only need to prepare yourself for significant changes in your life and follow the tips you will find here.

What is my story?

For as much as I can remember, I've always liked money, and money loved me. While still a student, I opened my first business, which dealt with marketing and advertising. It was a three-person company. A few years later, it was one of the best companies in Poland.

I made a lot of money, which allowed me to create the “Flori F3 Racing Team”. I loved this lifestyle and had enough money to fulfil my dream. That was a real fortune frenzy.

It is a pity that I didn't have the knowledge I have now. I couldn't manage my life and finances well, so my company went bankrupt. The collapse of the company and financial problems are the main reasons why I moved to the UK.

After coming to the UK, I worked as a mechanic in a bus company. However, after a few years, I started my own company providing services in this profession. And again, I began to earn mega-money, which allowed me to finance my next dream – flying a plane as a pilot.

The total cost of the ATPL license was a little over £ 100.000.

Also, a tremendous amount of learning and a complete lifestyle change.

Robert Florkowski - Horus London

What fortune frenzy can give you?

As you can see from the example of myself, I changed direction in my life several times. First, I worked in the advertising industry, then I repaired buses and finally started flying planes as a pilot. Now I run this blog, thanks to which I will earn another pile of money.

The COVID-19 restrictions have forced us to stay at home, so I feel we should make full use of this time. Here I will deal with personal development and earning money without leaving home. If you want to join this, I have some essential tips for you.


Below, I will present to you briefly what changes you should consider changing your life. Try to read the entire text carefully to draw the appropriate conclusions from what I am trying to put into your head.

One of my favourite authorities is Denzel Washington. Once, he said, “It doesn't matter what you have, but what you do with it.”

Make your bed in the morning.

Remember an essential tip so that you never compare yourself to other people. Don't get stuck in a situation where you admire others while criticizing yourself.

Just overcome your limitations. Be the better version of yourself every next day. Stop looking at anyone else and start looking at yourself.

Do you feel comfortable with who you are, and is there anything you want to change about yourself? Of course, you want to. On the other hand, you wouldn't be reading this post now.

However, don't expect massive changes overnight. Most importantly, change your life little by little, but consistently. Start with something straightforward. For example, make your bed in the morning.

Is it simple? Not necessarily, as the point is for this task to must be done perfectly. Why is it so important?

Firstly, because if you can't handle the easy tasks, how will you run the difficult ones? Secondly, this will be your first point on the to-do list that you will do daily. In the blog post, you will find a diagram of how such a list should look alike.

Read what day is today and how to plan it perfectly.

Don't be afraid of mistakes.

At some point in your whole life, you will make mistakes. But don't worry because no one will remember them when you achieve success.

For example, Thomas Edison carried out a thousand failed experiments, and only in the next, he managed to create a light bulb. The next great example is Donald Trump, who created a business worth now around 2.1 billion dollars but his career, including SIX bankruptcies.

You will ask what connects these two guys and how does it relate to you? Well, they both made a lot of mistakes, but neither of them gave up. So you won't give up either. They both had a clearly defined life goal, so you will also determine your destination. Finally, the vital thing is that you have to take a risk and not be afraid of losing.

Look at cities like New York, Tokyo, or London. They also had their way to win, and it was a hard way. New York was under construction several times, and in Tokyo, earthquakes destroyed a lot. London almost burned out one day. Today they are great cities of success.

You will also build your city of success, there will be many obstacles and difficulties, but you will manage them easily. You can trust me on this.

Elephant is coming - Let's eat it

The best metaphor to describe what awaits you is “How to eat an elephant”. You probably know the answer.

Eat it piece by piece.

Imagine that this website is just such a big elephant that you must eat. And here you are right, and you have to do it piece by piece. There is too much knowledge here to get it right at once. Besides, not everything will be apparent to you initially, and you will not be able to handle everything yourself.

That's why the “big elephant” has been divided into smaller portions so that you can gobble it quickly. I have prepared four main pillars for you, or legs, on which the elephant stands. These four main pages contain the foundations of my project, and you are in the most critical place.

The next place you will go to is the Making Money Online page, where you will find information about various forms of earning money online.

On the other hand, on the Business Tools page, we have gathered for you all the most excellent tools you need to make your work easier.

The last significant page is the Success Guide, where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to start and run your business.

To make our elephant taste better, we added some spices in the form of blog posts. The blog, divided into several categories, contains valuable knowledge, which you should also read carefully.

Your way to fortune frenzy start here

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