FluentCRM Review – Better Than Mailchimp?


Will FluentCRM solve ALL email marketing problems on your blog, website or store? Why is FluentCRM so unique that everyone is talking about it? Is it that easy to use? All answers here!

Why is email marketing so important?

Of course, there is still a price to pay for these excellent services.

But if you want to be highly effective and save thousands – I can help you with that.

For example, Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing tool globally and several times more expensive than FluentCRM.

Earlier, I used competitors' products, but I have to admit that FluentCRM leaves the competition behind in every aspect.

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FluentCRM - what is included?

To start with, Fluent CRM is a plugin that you install inside WordPress.

You don't have to worry that it will take up a lot of space or slow down your page loading speed.

I have tested all my websites, and I know that everything works perfectly.

As soon as you install FluentCRM, the setup wizard will start automatically. You will define all basic operating parameters, add your logo, company address and other things.

Of course, these steps won't take more than two minutes. As soon as you deal with the basic settings, you can get to the dashboard panel, which at the beginning will look like this.

You can access all options from three different locations.

fluent crm dashboard

Contacts, lists, tags and dynamic segments

The most important thing to remember is that the FluentCRM price does not change depending on the number of contacts.

The same rules apply to creating lists and assigning tags. You can build a contact list on your website using forms or import the entire list as a CSV file.

Let's say you can have a million subscribers and each one on a separate list.

Do you feel this incredible freedom?

fluentcrm contact view

Additionally, FluentCRM allows you to analyse subscriber behaviour on your website in great detail.

You have the option of updating contact details, as well as you can check the number of messages they received.

You can also see how many letters the user has opened and how many links the user clicked.

Building an email marketing using forms

Indeed, you have a plugin on your website that allows new users to subscribe to the newsletter or leaves their e-mail address in some other form.

At the moment, Fluet CRM integrates well with, among others, WooCommerce, LiferLMS, AffiliateWP, MailOptin, WishList, TutorLMS, and many more.

fluentcrm integration options

Of course, FluentCRM has integration with its FluentFORMS builder form, which is an additional plugin. The free version is enough for basic needs, but the paid version can do an amazing job.

What's more, this plugin has several dozen ready-made forms; you can also create countless forms according to your ideas.

Also, remember that FluentCRM is undergoing rapid development, and new integration opportunities and functionalities are coming soon.

Creating sales funnels

Without a doubt, a good sales funnel is a good income.

Your customers don't always buy the product immediately. Very often, they need a small moment to think about their purchases.

The sales funnel play the biggest part in your email marketing.

You can program the funnel to adjust its properties to the user's behaviour on your website. You can add the user to a different list during the campaign or assign another tag to him.

Such action may transfer your user from one drive to another.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

FluentCRM funnel triggers

For each point in your funnel, you can assign thirteen different events to occur.

Depending on what your user does, you can also run conditional automation, about which I will write a few words below.

fluentcrm funnel options

Multi-path conditional automation

All FluentCRM users have been waiting impatiently for this update. At the end of March 2021, a new version of 1.5.0 appears in which conditional automation is already standard.

All in all, the conditional automation funnel was the only thing missing. However, now you can enjoy the full functionality of the program.

In the future, FluenCRM vendors plan to add one more important feature, which is a product purchase check.

All online store owners that run on the WooCommers platform will be very pleased with this feature.

fluent crm update

A-B testing for better email marketing

One of the essential email marketing tools because it helps you choose the best possible option.

As you know perfectly well, some things attract more attention than others.

The same is the case for sending an email to your client. If you write a more attractive title, you increase the client's chances to open your message.

I will not teach you the campaigning rules now because I am writing this post for a different purpose.

However, if you sign up for my course, I will teach you to make good advertising campaigns. Therefore, check out what affiliate marketing is for beginners.

email marketing a-b testing tool

Of course, when testing the effectiveness of your campaign, FluentCRM gives you great opportunities to check your users' performance.

The creators of this plugin made a lot of effort to take care of the data analysis.

Sending e-mails with FluentCRM

This point is where the fun is just beginning, as you need to install one more plugin to send e-mails.

Of course, this plugin is entirely free, and from the same publisher, it's called FluentSMTP.

This small tool will allow you to send many messages, mostly free of charge, which will reach the recipient's main folder.

All you need to do is integrate Fluent SMTP with the outgoing mail server (e.g. Amazon SES)

Let's say, if you know how to do this, it shouldn't take more than another five minutes.

fluentcrm email integrations

Amazon SES is the most popular, and it is also the cheapest.

Configuration, however, requires a bit of knowledge in the field of operating the website. You have to place a few DNS records on the server during the whole process.

The action is worth the work because sending e-mails is practically free. The cost of sending 1,000 e-mails is just 10 cents.

Other popular services in this area are Mailgun, SendGrid, SendinBlue, Spark Post and Pepipost. FluentCRM has excellent integration with the above providers.

Of course, you can use a different provider of such services. You will need some data that you can find on your website hosting.

How is FluentCRM ahead of the competition?

First, winning a plug-in championship must mean that FluentCRM has earned its users recognition.

For PluginMadness2021, there were eliminations, quarter-final and half final, and then a great battle between WooCommerce and FluentCRM.

Of course, in the picture above, you can see who won this battle.

The point is, people, love this new tool. You will love it too.

FluentCRM - big money saver

You know that the low cost of running email marketing will make you happy in terms of simple logic. While this may be true, you won't have 25,000 subscribers when you start your business.

However, remember that the number of new contacts may increase very quickly over time.

As an example, I will give you two of the most popular providers operating in this industry.

One of the most popular email marketing tools is MailChimp, and the other is ConvertKit.

Below you have screenshots of these two service providers.

It looks dramatic.

The above prices mean how much money you will spend on monthly subscriptions and maintaining your mailing list using MailChimp or ConvertKit.

If you do not believe me, check the original pages how the price of the products increases.

Move the slider to the right and see the price increase as the number of subscribers increases.

ConvertKit pricing – Up to 25k subscribers – $ 199 a month!
MailChimp pricing – up to 25k subscribers – $ 200 a month!

Remember, however, that some functions are disabled in different packages.

For example, MailChimp offers you only one user list in its cheapest package, while with Fluent CRM, you can have an infinite number of them.

However, to get all the options, you need to use the MailChimp premium package, the MONTHLY cost of $480 with a limit of up to 25k subscribers.

When you subscribe to the Fluent CRM Annual Plan, you have all of these options at a surprising price:

FluentCRM pricing

Flip This Box To See The Price
You'll be surprised

That's right; you have good eyesight. The price, which is $129, is a YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION!

All features included plus 1-year plugin update and priority support.

An absolute cool factor is that you don't have a limit of subscribers and sent messages.

You can have millions of users on your mailing list, and everyone will get your message.

I will also mention that the annual subscription in December 2020 cost only $89, and you can see the current price for yourself.

Therefore, if I were you, I would not take too long to make purchases.

A small comparison of prices and possibilities

FluentCRM Pricing

FluentCRM - FREE vs PRO

CSV Import

CSV Export

Form Submission Log

List Segmentation

Tag Segmentation

Email Sequencing


Email History Logs

Purchase History Log

Link Click Tracking

Campaign Scheduling

Marketing Automations

Smart Links

A-B Testing

Multipath Conditional Automation

Automation Analytics

Automation Actions



Automation Benchmarks



Template Management

Custom Fields

Dynamic Segmentation

Conditional Content

Re-send Emails


Webhook Integration

PRO Integrations

Elementor Integration

WooCommerce Integration

Fluent FORMS Integration

Fluent SMTP Integration

As you can see, the paid version gives you a lot more possibilities, as usual.

Email marketing alternatives for FluentCRM

You are well aware that, besides FluentCRM, there are also other systems operating on the same principle.

Therefore, I will introduce some of the most popular ones for you to find a reference.


Mailchimp Marketing System

Price: Depend on contacts number

Free version? Yes, up to 2000 contacts

Website: Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers its service for free, but only to a certain number of contacts. Furthermore, it is much more complicated to handle campaigns than FluentCRM.


ConvertKit email system

Price: Depend on contacts number

Free version? Yes, up to 1000 contacts

Website: ConvertKit


GetResponse pricing

Price: Depend on contacts number

Free version? Yes, up to 1000 contacts for a limited time (free trial)

Website: GetResponse


mailerlite email automation

Price: Depend on contacts number

Free version? Yes, up to 1000 contacts

Website: MailerLite


Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Fluent CRM gives you the ability to use many basic functions. There is no time limit to use the free version.

NO. You can add an infinite number of contacts. You can also create countless lists and tags. Unlimited.

If you choose Amazon SES, you can send up to 50,000 e-mails a day in the basic package. Other providers of this service may have different limitations.

You need to install the Fluent SMTP plugin, which is free, to send e-mails. Installation and configuration of this plugin is simple, plus there is a comprehensive configuration manual.

Fluent CRM has been designed in such a way that it will not slow down the page loading time in any way.

Anytime. Using the free version, you can discover the advantages of FluentCRM functionality, but when you decide to buy a paid license, you can buy it whenever you want.

FluenCRM Pros and Cons


One minor disadvantage is that you cannot test the PRO version for free.

There are many possibilities in the free version of FluentCRM, although only the paid version provides the system's full functionality.


The most significant advantage of FluentCRM is the price.

The license for the whole year costs only $129, where you have an unlimited number of contacts, lists, tags.

Competitive companies charge a lot of money for these privileges.

FluentCRM as an excellent email marketing tool will save you thousands in no time.

Another great advantage is that FluentCRM is built into WordPress.

You have the entire system in one place, contacts, sales funnels, and email sequences. All statistics, reports, notes, you have complete control over it.

An additional big advantage is that no one will ban your account – as can happen with MailChimp or MailerKit.

Without a doubt, one of the excellent advantages is also the technical support offered by FluentCRM.

As already mentioned, everything is inside WordPress, and you have immediate access to it.

fluentcrm help desk

A pervasive system of professional tutorials and the possibility of direct contact with the technical service ensure great work comfort.

You don't need to be a super-specialist because you have access to a vast knowledge base.

After purchasing FluentCRM, you will receive an invitation to the group on FB, where you will also get help if you need it.

The excellent functionality of integration with other programs is another tremendous advantage of FluentCRM.

I was amazed when I installed this email marketing tool with LearnDash or WooCommerce.

Diversified triggers and creating complex sales funnels give you a huge potential to make various campaigns.

My final opinion

Finally, I can definitely say that I am delighted with using FluentCRM.

In my honest opinion, this is the best email marketing tool I have ever worked with.

Since I would like to recommend using this great tool, I still have quite a bonus for you. Check below what you will get from me as a gift if you decide to buy FluentCRM today.

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Super review. thanks

Piotr Horszczaruk
Piotr Horszczaruk
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A very concrete and detailed article. An interesting option for subscription tools, where there is often a big limitation in terms of the number of subscribers.