Fluent CRM – Revolutionary Email Automation You Must Have


Will Fluent CRM solve ALL email marketing problems on your blog, website or store? Why is Fluent CRM so unique that everyone is talking about it? Is it that easy to use? 

Why is email marketing so important?

– Firstly, it helps you establish constant contact with your audience.

– Secondly, it enables you to understand your audience's reactions to your publications. But thanks to effective automation, everything is under YOUR control!

– Finally, there is still a price to pay for these excellent services. If you want to be highly effective and save thousands – I can help you with that.

I use this plugin on the blog you are reading now and in the shop, which is my second activity. I must tell you that I am happy. Earlier, I tested competitors' products, but I have to admit that Fluent CRM leaves the competition behind in every respect. I will show you everything in a moment.

A few technical details about Fluent CRM

To start with, Fluent CRM is a plugin that you install inside WordPress. You don't have to worry that it will take up a lot of space or slow down your page loading speed. I have tested my website, and I know that everything works perfectly.

As soon as the plugin is installed, the setup wizard will start automatically. You will be able to define all basic operating parameters, add your logo, company address and other things.

Of course, these steps won't take more than two minutes. As soon as you deal with the basic settings, you can get to the dashboard panel, which at the beginning will look like this.

You can access all options from three different locations.

fluent crm dashboard
Fresh Fluent CRM instalation

Multi-Path Conditional Automation Update

All Fluent CRM users have been waiting impatiently for this update. At the end of March 2021, a new version of 1.5.0, appears in which conditional automation is already standard.

All in all, the conditional automation funnel was the only thing missing. However, now you can enjoy the full functionality of the program.

In the future, Fluen CRM vendors plan to add one more important feature, which is a product purchase check. All online store owners that run on the WooCommers platform will be very pleased with this feature.

fluent crm update
Conditional Automation Funnel

As you can see, Fluent CRM is developing very dynamically, and it has already become an intense competition on the market.

Therefore, you can expect that the subscription price will also increase with the development of the software.

Do you think this is the right moment to shop? In my opinion, this is the perfect moment.

Sending e-mails with Fluent CRM

This point is where the fun is just beginning, as you need to install one more plugin to send e-mails.

Of course, this plugin is entirely free, and from the same publisher, it's called Fluent SMTP.

This small tool will allow you to send a massive number of messages free of charge, which will reach the recipient's main folder. As you can guess, I tested it for many possibilities, and the letters always ended up in the INBOX folder instead of in SPAM or PROMOTIONS.

All you need to do is integrate Fluent SMTP with the outgoing mail server of your hosting provider. Let's say, if you know how to do this, it shouldn't take more than another two minutes.

Building a mailing list using forms

Indeed, you have a plugin on your website that allows new users to subscribe to the newsletter or leaves their e-mail address in some other form.

At the moment, Fluent CRM integrates well with, among others, WooCommerce, LiferLMS, AffiliateWP, MailOptin, WishList, TutorLMS.

Some of Fluent CRM integrations

Of course, Fluent CRM has integration with its FluentFORMS builder form, which is inside the paid version.

What's more, this plugin has several dozen ready-made forms; you can also create countless forms according to your ideas.

Also, remember that Fluent CRM is undergoing rapid development, and new integration opportunities and functionalities are coming soon.

How is Fluent CRM ahead of the competition?

In terms of simple logic, you know that the low cost of running a business will make you happy. While this may be true, you won't have 25,000 subscribers when you start your business.

However, remember that the number of new contacts may increase very quickly over time. As an example, I will give you two of the most popular websites operating in this industry.

One is MailChimp, and the other is ConvertKit. Below you have screenshots of these two service providers.

It looks dramatic. The above prices mean how much money you will spend on monthly subscriptions and maintaining your mailing list. If you do not believe me, check the original pages how the price of the products increases.

Move the slider to the right and see the price increase as the number of subscribers increases.

ConvertKit pricing – Up to 25k subscribers – $ 199 a month!
MailChimp pricing – up to 25k subscribers – $ 200 a month!

Remember, however, that some functions are disabled in different packages.

For example, MailChimp in its cheapest package offers you only one user list, while with Fluent CRM you can have an infinite number of them. However, to get all the options you need to use the premium package, the MONTHLY cost of which is $ 480 with a limit of up to 25k subscribers.

When you subscribe to the Fluent CRM Annual Plan, you have all of these options at a surprising price:


Flip This Box

You'll be surprised

That's right; you have good eyesight. The price, which is $ 129, is a YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION!

An absolute cool factor is that you don't have a limit of subscribers and sent messages. You can have millions of users on your mailing list, and everyone will get your message.

I will also mention that the annual subscription in December 2020 cost only $ 89, and you can see the current price for yourself. Therefore, if I were you, I would not take too long to make purchases.

Of course you can test this program for free, but I think that since I have already tested it for you, why waste your time?

What doesn't the free version have?

– Smart-Links allow you to tag and segment your subscribers when they click a link in an e-mail, on your site or anywhere!
– Create or update contacts from incoming webhooks
– Campaign monitoring
– Option to resend e-mails
– Creating extensive e-mail automation
– Ability to export mailing lists in CSV format to a hard drive

As you can see, the paid version gives you a lot more possibilities, as usual.

Comparison of prices and possibilities

Ready, steady, go!

Right now, this fantastic product has just over 3,500 delighted users.

Due to the dynamic development, it will soon gain enormous popularity, and the price will skyrocket. I think that this price is currently low in exchange for the possibilities offered by Fluent CRM. I don't think you should wait for another week to decide to buy, because now is the best time to do so.

Go go go and get it now!

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