Facebook Down: How To Lose $7 Billion In 5 Hours


It's the worst outage ever. Facebook down, WhatsApp down, Instagram and Messenger were also unavailable for several hours.

Remember, it's not just 3 billion users who send greetings to each other but also many companies run their businesses on Facebook.

According to Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg lost more than $6 billion in just a few hours to the Facebook crash. Not bad, huh?

After hours of service outage, Facebook has finally restored access for its users.

Facebook Down

Despite experiencing one of the most extensive outages in recent times – CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured everyone that everything is back to normal!

Recently, the CEO has been making more and more frequent apologies and assurances.

What was the reason for the Facebook crash?

According to the official version, the crash was the result of a bug in the system update.

Configuration changes on backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication. This had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt.

I'm just wondering if there had been a hacking attack, would the Facebook authorities have said anything about it publicly?

I do not think so.

So it looks like we will never know the truth.

Do you run your business on Facebook?

Samir M., a food delivery service owner in Bristol, said he had trouble reaching clients or fulfilling orders because all communication was through Facebook and WhatsApp.

Everything is down! My whole business has come to a halt! – he said.

If you base your business solely on Facebook, you now have an example of how careless you are.

You wake up in the morning, boom, no business.

Don't worry. It's not just with Facebook that you can suddenly lose control of your business.

Just the day before, YouTube had a similar outage. It was also impossible to watch videos for several hours.

You need to understand that you should only use social media to distribute your business, not to manage it.

All content, contact lists, and other business tools should be kept in a safe place.

The safest place I know of is your website.

Facebook down, my website will not?

Your website may also be temporarily unavailable for some reason.

For example, the hosting provider will have a similar problem to the Facebook owner.

Just nine weeks ago, SiteGround also had its down moment.

My clients' websites weren't working, and I couldn't get through to customer service for hours.

So how is your own website better than Facebook? – you may ask.

The most important point is the security of your data. If you regularly back up your website, then you have nothing to worry about, even in the event of a major crash.

The second thing worth mentioning is freedom. You can create any content you like, and unlike publishing on Facebook, nobody can stop you from doing anything.

In social media, you have a lot of restrictions. There is a large group of products and services that you can not promote. Violation of the regulations can result in your membership being banned.

At the very end, I have left the monetization of your website. You can make money in many ways and in any form.

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