Elementor Review – Website Builder Plugin For WordPress


This Elementor review will show you how great is this most popular WordPress website builder plugin. Trusted by over 5 million users. Its main task is to facilitate the work of creating a website.

WordPress beginners will find this plugin amazing help with building a website.

Considering the plugin's age and development cycle, it has had some hot supporters and opponents. Where is the truth? This article will provide you with crucial Elementor related information.

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Elementor in the FREE version

Of course, the Elementor website building plugin comes in a free version. Is the free version suitable for testing this plugin?

In my opinion, absolutely not!

You can only take advantage of just over 40 basic widgets in the free version of this plugin. Fortunately, you can create 100% responsive pages and modify them depending on the device.

Additionally, you also have Landing Page Builder and Theme Builder options.

All in all, this is the end of the free Elementor.

Elementor website builder plugin PRO version

When writing this review, the cost of the paid version of Elementor is $ 49 per year.

However, for this price, you can only use it on one page. On the other hand, if you have a blog and an online store like me, you will have to pay $ 99 per year.

In the amazing picture below, you can see the prices for the different Elementor packages.

elementor website builder plugin price list
Elementor PRO - pricing

As you can see, the differences in options only apply to the number of websites.

Additionally, you have a few differences here when it comes to technical support. However, I do not believe that it matters.

You can install Elementor from the WordPress repository as the free version. When you finish testing, then you can upgrade to the paid version.

Of course, you can download it directly from the plugin manufacturer's website.

Elementor PRO features

Now let's see what you get in the PRO version.

You can admire some of these extras on my website. For example, TABLE OF CONTENT, which you can see at the top of this review, is available only in the PRO version.

When mentioning this widget, I'll tell you that you can make the table manually. But it's not even worth mentioning how much work you have to put into it.

Let's dive into more details:

The list above is created with the Elementor PRO version. As you probably know, I could make such a list without using Elementor, but it would take much longer.

Over 300 PRO templates, blocks, headers and footers

Elementor website builder plugin templates

Animated Headings H1 to H6

Of course, there are a fantastic amount of these additions. I couldn't show you all in one blog post. Therefore, it is best if you test the capabilities of Elementor PRO yourself.

The fun of building a website is excellent, but if you don't like Elementor for some reason, a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customised evergreen countdown timer

elementor website builder plugin countdown timer

Elementor also has great counter options. You are free to modify it, and you have many parameters that you can change. If you want, you can set the timer to a specific date and time or select the evergreen option. Also, you can decide on action after it expires.

Not to mention that you can insert this counter, for example, in a pop-up. I'll show you what it looks like in the example below, so keep scrolling.


It is worth understanding that most of the other website builders do not have this option and must use additional plugins.

Some companies specialize in creating such meters for the needs of the user. Sometimes it is an expensive investment, so as you can see, I am saving your money once again.

Elementor form builder

Another great feature of Elementor is form building. You can use them to collect your audience's e-mails, sign up for promotions or whatever you think of.

Elementor form builder

Of course, I need not mention that some website builders do not have this capability. However, here you have it all in Elementor PRO.

In short, you can eliminate another additional plugin from your WordPress site that will collect e-mail addresses.

I will also add that Elementor has integration with such mailing tools as Fluent CRM. You can also find a detailed description on my blog.

Website Pop-Up builder with Elementor

Pop-Up builder is a great tool that you can use wisely on your website. It will be most valuable to you when you have a Woocommerce store.

You can inform your customers about new promotions, collect their e-mail addresses as well as say hello. It is correct. With this builder, you can create a personalized pop-up using dynamic tags. Each registered user can read the welcome message somewhere in your store or on your website.

You have got a lot of templates to choose from.


Pop-up Trigger

The first thing to remember; Don't abuse your audience's patience by bombarding them with pop-ups. Additionally, remember that Google may impose a silent penalty on you if the mobile version destroys the user experience.

Of course, when you create the rules for displaying your pop-ups, you can select that the window should be invisible on mobile phones. I always eliminate the possibility of showing pop-ups on mobile phones.

Before you start creating one pop-up after another, read how to help your user easily find your content. I didn't invent this rule, and it's Google's doing.

All the rest of the add-ons included in the Elementor builder

I guess you understand my limitations in presenting all the great features Elementor has.
It would take me two days to list all the functions in one post.

Elementor is a great website builder plugin, and I am sure you will get the same impression. If you are already determined to try out all the advantages today.

Elementor website builder plugin PROS & CONS

When you build a website, it all depends on your needs and capabilities. Of course, you can outsource the creation of your website to a web developer, and such a choice will also have its advantages and disadvantages.

But you can also create an entire site by yourself using Elementor, and then the currency (in addition to purchasing the tool) is time.

I will explain the pros and cons in a friendly way, and you will make a decision.

The straightforward interface of the website editor

The page editing window contains two parts: a menu with functions (e.g. modules, blocks to be inserted, code editing, etc.) and the live appearance of the page.

Elementor works smoothly in this regard, allowing you to edit any element of the web page easily.

Just click on it, and in the next panel, available options for configuring the appearance of a photo, text, slider or any other content will appear. If you want to add any element to the page – go to the ready element library and simply drag it to the right side.

Elementor website builder plugin updates

elementor updates

Elementor stands out from the competition in this field. The plugin creators take care of the development of the tool and frequent patching of any errors.

According to the list of changes made available, Elementor can boast up to 3 updates in a week, which is an excellent result in the case of such an extensive plugin.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that creators will fix any gaps in the plugin or imperfections in operation will be patched quickly.

A rich library of ready-made templates

Elementor works with almost any theme. This is an essential fact because Elementor is a page builder, thanks to which you can build your website as you like.

You can use a rich database of ready-made sections, individual elements and even entire templates.

All units available and sorted by topic, and adding them is simple and requires no technical knowledge.

By using ready-made templates, you reduce the time needed to build your website.

Technical support and a large community

As part of a paid license, you can count on help in solving problems in the plugin operation.

Elementor developers offer a wide range of support, and a large community will also give you advice on how to build a contact form, for example.

The official group on Facebook, administered by the developers of the plugin, has over 65,000 users. It is also imperative that there are many tutorial videos on Youtube. This help certainly makes it easier to familiarize yourself with the plugin's capabilities.

The free version of Elementor to check

Not every page builder plugin has a free version. Elementor offers one. Moreover, you can download it directly in the WordPress dashboard.

This way, you will learn about the basic functionalities and test a few ready-made modules. Based on this, you will decide whether it is worth switching to the PRO version.

My bad impressions of Elemetor

As you probably know, there are no perfect solutions and no perfect software. You can ignore some disadvantages, or you can get used to them. I'll tell you what pisses me off about this software.

plugin weaknesses

Elementor lacks good code optimization.

This problem is probably a feature common to all page builder plugins. Easy to edit ready-made elements and extraordinary flexibility is also creating a large amount of redundant code.

Too much unnecessary code has a very negative impact on the speed of loading the website. Achieving a satisfactory page appearance in Elementor may not be a big challenge, but it comes with lower quality code.

I dealt with the slow page problem with the fantastic WP Rocket plugin. At this critical point, I must add that this is another expense. However, if you want a perfect user experience, you need to spend some money on it.

In my opinion, combining Elementor with WP Rocket is a cheap and simple solution for your website.

My solution to solve page load speed?

The screenshot below is a beautiful sight, isn't it? Honestly, you don't have to work hard to achieve a similar result.

Is it enough for you to configure a few plugins properly. What plugins?

You will find out at the end of this post.

horus london website speed test

My summary of all the pros and cons

I've been using Elementor PRO since I started building the Horus London website and can't find a better builder. I tried to use different plugins but still getting used to the best product.

Now I am happy to recommend it to you as a solid website builder plugin.

Elementor website builder plugin replacements

I chose a few products that resemble Elementor the most. But keep in mind that some plugins aren't even available for free for testing.

Some of them are also not included with the themes in the WordPress add-on stores. To test some plugins, you have to purchase them. If you do not like the page builder – submit a request for a refund.

Below you will find a list with a brief description and a link to the manufacturer's website.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a WordPress editor that aims to offer you a new experience in adding and editing content. The first and most important information is that Gutenberg is not a plugin. It is a system built into WordPress.

After recent updates to this system, I concluded that Gutenberg wants to catch up with Elementor. You also can use blocks, but the poor options and the number of programming errors in Gutenberg leave it far behind.

There is, however, an excellent side to using this plugin. First, it's free, and it's already built into WordPress so that you can test all its features. Second, it doesn't add as much redundant code as it does with Elementor. However, just using Gutenberg is much less fun and easy than using Elementor.

DIVI website builder


Just like years ago, WordPress delighted me, so last year, when looking for a solution that allows non-technical people to update the website, I came across Divi. I can say that it is also a great website builder.

Divi is a WordPress theme (still often called a template) with a built-in page builder.

Website: Elegant Themes (Affiliate Link)

Standard Price: $ 89 (1-year free update) or $ 249 for a perpetual license

Does it include a free version? Directly none. However, external sites offer a temporary trial period in exchange for registering and providing an email address.

Visual Composer

visual composer

Website: Visual Composer

Standard Price: $ 59-349 (1-year free update)

Does it include a free version? YES. Free version available for download as a package on the manufacturer's website.

Site Origin website builder

site origin website builder

Website: SiteOrigin

Standard Price: Site Origin offers a license with an annually renewed subscription starting at $ 29. You will then pay $ 38 or more for a license with one year of support and updates (if the license is for multiple websites). If you plan to update the plugin after one year and have an annual license, you must renew it for another year.

Does it include a free version? YES. It is available on the manufacturer's website and in the WordPress repository.


oxygen website builder

Website: Oxygen 

Standard Price: Oxygen offers perpetual licenses in 3 packages – from $ 99 (no WooCommerce or Gutenberg support) to $ 249 (with WooCommerce and Gutenberg support)

Does it include a free version? Only in the on-site version, without the possibility of saving and exporting data. You can't check it on your hosting.

Elementor website builder plugin - my final opinion

elementor workspace

Can you clearly see the picture above? I am building my website based on Elementor.

Of course, like any software, it has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, this website builder has more advantages than disadvantages. Elementor is very user-friendly, even for a non-technical person.

Creating a website is simply fun and easy, and the most fun is when you discover all the possibilities. Therefore, start finding these opportunities today.

Get your Elementor PRO

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