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The Horus London website is maintained by your visits, during which, in addition to a vast amount of knowledge, you will gain the opportunity to purchase products and services.

My legal responsibility is to inform you that there are affiliate links on the Horus London website to various products and services.

I work with Amazon, eBay, ShareASale, ClickBank, PartnerStock, Elegant Theme, BlueHost and a few more.

However, I cannot take responsibility for the transactions carried out or how the recommended companies store your data.

Your data on my website is stored under cookie policy and privacy policy.

I am staying not connected with the manufacturers of products or service providers other than a recommendation. In that case, it is entirely up to you to decide on the transaction. There is no obligation in this regard.

However, I would like to say that I or someone from my team has tested all the products recommended.

If I recommend a product that I haven't tested, I haven't used it – you will surely receive clear information about it.

Ultimately, all the products or services I recommend are here to help ensure a safe start in your new career.

Now that you are aware of the Horus London website's content, you can begin your adventure with a good conscience.

Good Luck!

How does affiliate marketing work?

If you decide to buy via my link, the company I recommend will pay me a commission.

You, as a customer, do not incur any additional costs.

From your perspective, shopping looks the same as if you found this product directly on the manufacturer's website.


You can search for the product on the internet and find it on Amazon.

Then you purchase as you usually do.

If you find a link to an Amazon product on my website, you will be redirected there, and you can shop as you usually do.

Nothing changes at all, except that Amazon, will pay me a commission for sending you there.


• Amazon is happy to sell the product.

• The seller is happy that he has sold the product.

• You are happy because you bought the product.

I am happy because I connected the dots, and I made money.

As you can see, they are all winners in this game.

Of course, this rule applies to all products and services that you can find on my website.

However, if you want to find out exactly what this business is all about, read what affiliate marketing is.

Your financial results

It is important to remember that I am not a qualified financial advisor.

On my website, you will find ways to invest money and earn money online. I have tested these methods, and I created the Horus London website to share these methods with you.

Your financial results depend only on your commitment and determination.

Therefore, I don't take any responsibility for how you spend your time and money.

My methods work for me and may not necessarily work for you because of your personality and other factors.

Health and safety

On my website, you will find articles on different ways to keep your body healthy. All posted content works for me. However, keep in mind that these advices may not necessarily work for you.

You understand we have different bodies and habits, right? Therefore, you should consult all my advice with a specialist in a given field.

As I only describe the effects that work for me, I take no responsibility for how my advice will work for you.