Create Lead Magnet For FREE With IDPLR?


You can create a lead magnet for free or resell products and keep 100% of the profits – over 12,500 products to choose from. Let's see what reality is. Is this company legit or not?

Who are you? Blogger, online store owner, or maybe you are a publisher on Amazon KDP?

Even if you don't have any business, this article is for you anyway because I'll show you how to get started. Of course, you won't have to invest any money!

A lead magnet for free? Why?

Let's say a lead magnet is a form of bribing your reader for their e-mail address. Not only that you gave value to the blog article, but you also offer a free and attractive product.

Of course, gifts are always a beautiful addition and also help build your mailing list.
However, sometimes it is not easy for you to create such a product from scratch or don't have time.

Therefore, I would like to present you with an ideal solution to your problem. You can take advantage of a package of over 12,500 ready-made products.

lead magnet IDPLR offer

The IDPLR service offers you all products with a PLR (Private Label Resale Rights) license. For you, this means that you can give these products away as a lead magnet or sell them without infringing on a copyright.

In addition, you can modify many of these products for your own needs and treat them as your creations.

As always, you have a choice between free and paid access to the IDPLR service. All you have to do is register your free account now to find out how IDPLR works.

But don't be so happy too soon - Quick IDPLR review that you MUST read

As I always make sure that you are satisfied with my website, I only recommend products that I have thoroughly checked. The same happened with the IDPLR service.

I have searched the internet to check the credibility of IDPLR, and I have some bad news for you. According to what I found, I rate this company very unreliable. Why?

The first red flag

I could not establish any contact details for the site owner. All I found was an e-mail address. I sent the message a month ago and so far have not received a reply.

There are, of course, some dead phone numbers that no one answers.

I believe that this is an unprofessional approach to business. Try to write me an e-mail, and you will see how quickly I will reply.

Facebook Account

I dug into the IDPLR account on Facebook. Of course, I invite you to read the post. Many dissatisfied people have registered and cannot use paid accounts.

Indeed you will find people wrote there even a few months ago. So far, the senders have not received a reply. You can check what the FB account looks like.

IDPLR Facebook account

Trust Pilot reviews

On the one hand, TrustPilot has a reputation as a benchmark. On the other hand, everyone can post their opinion on any company there.

Therefore, I treat this source with a frosty eye. However, I only found ten statements about the IDPLR.

Unfortunately, no entry was optimistic about IDPLR, so I extended my investigation. If you click on this screenshot below, you can read it yourself.

YouTube creators - the second red flag

They speak aloud but do not give an objective opinion. Why? Because IDPLR offers you the opportunity to join the affiliate program. Of course, I also checked this possibility. After all, I am a specialist in this field.

I am pissed off because some try to earn money on others at all costs without publishing all the pros and cons. And let me tell you this – there is no reliable opinion on IDPLR on YouTube.

The first thing that caught my attention was the billing system. IDPLR works with ClickBank but also has its promotional system.

You can read on the IDPLR website that you will get $ 20 for each person who registers a free account. From interviews with other marketers, I know that none of them received their commission.

My final opinion about IDPLR

In short, it is worth setting up a free account. Why? Most of the downloadable e-books are of pretty good value. The authors tried to put quite a lot of commitment into the production of their e-books.

In many cases, you will find affiliate links or links to authors' websites in these e-books. So the authors publish their works on the IDPLR and have a free advertisement of their work from it.

However, you can distribute these e-books for your profit. Or without it, of course. For example, you can make an e-shop on Woostify and sell what you download from IDPLR there.

Can you create a free lead magnet with IDPLR?

Of course, you can. But remember what I wrote earlier that the authors place their affiliate links inside the e-book.

This way, you will advertise someone else's business instead of yours. Let's say it's fair because you are using some other product for free. But on the other side, it is worth it?

Create your e-book as a lead magnet

There is an excellent opportunity to learn for free at this point. If you've never had a chance to assemble a complete e-book, download it for free from IDPLR and know how it looks inside.

Not to mention that you will learn something about the industry that the e-book writes about. You will also learn about the entire structure of product creation.

Most downloadable e-books come with a complete sales toolkit. I'm talking about landing pages, thank you pages, email sequences, graphics, articles and more.

But be careful, because I'm not talking about copying these materials, but about building your own from them.

How to start earning money on lead magnets?

If you have already created your unique product, but you don't have your own business yet, you can quickly start with eBay.

Not only did you learn how to create a product, now you have a chance to learn how to sell it. I mentioned eBay because it is almost free, and it will cost you less than 50 cents to list one auction.

The second platform where you can sell your work is Amazon KDP. However, selling an e-book is more competitive here. Also, preparing the entire product for sale is not such an effortless task. I am talking mainly about the technical aspects of publishing on Amazon KDP.

In the end, I will leave you the opportunity to set up your free IDPLR account. It is important to remember that you do so at your own risk if you decide to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Create your FREE account?

Of course, if you want to start your lucrative online business with my help, be sure to read what affiliate marketing for beginners is.

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