Bitsgap Automated Crypto Bot To Help You Make Money


The Bitsgap platform is a next-generation trading system for cryptocurrency traders of any level.

The interface has been designed with simplicity and ease in mind so that even the most amateurish trader can become an expert on cryptocurrency exchanges!

As you know, I invest money in artificial intelligence.

From my previous blog posts, you learned that I hired Jarvis AI to create content.

Thanks to Jarvis, writing a single story takes a fraction of the time. Then I sell those stories wherever I can.

But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about today.

Another AI boosts a bot that helps you trade cryptocurrencies.

What am I talking about? Do you want to see how this works?

BITSGAP –  Cryptocurrency Trading Bot.


Before you read on, I want to clarify that I am not a financial advisor.

The cryptocurrency market is a speculation based on human emotions.

In no case do I take responsibility for the financial decisions you make!

The content you read is only an educational publication based on my personal experience.

Your results may be better or worse. You can lose all your money!


What is Bitsgap?

In short, Bitsgap is an automated system powered by artificial intelligence that will make the appropriate purchases in cryptocurrencies for you.

In total disagreement with general views on crypto investing – I invested £279.

So far, the crypto market looks like a combination of a drunk, a mathematician and a hooker. 

I think I'll play with all three for a while and then see what I can do about it.

As you can see – you do not need to invest $15,000 to get started.

At the same time, you do not have to buy expensive courses from crypto gurus.

Basic Bitsgap theory

Because I wanted to be a show's hero, I invested in HERO coin.

After the first day of my new investment, it turned out that I did not become a millionaire.

Just look at the screenshot below to see how low HERO has fallen.

How does Bitsgap work?

As my hard-earned money oxidizes in the world of crypto, at the same time, the robot makes sure that I don't lose too much.

Every time the value of the currency drops, the robot invests a tiny fraction to increase the amount of currency it holds.

I started with 2,136 HERO, and now I have more than 4,000, although the price has dropped, and I rolled over another few hundred USDT into it. When the price goes back to where it was, I will not be a millionaire yet, but I will be far ahead.

In short, how this robot works. Bitsgap makes sure you don't lose too much money on the downside and makes sure that when the upside comes, you get as much as you can out of it.

As a result, Bitsgap buys at a specific price but always sells at a higher price. You can see how the transactions look in the screenshot below.

In the green box, you have the purchase price of the cryptocurrency, while in the red box is the price at which Bitsgap sold the cryptocurrency.

As I wrote earlier – you don't have to invest many thousands of dollars, but the more you invest the more profitable transactions Bitsgap will make for you.

Invest small or big money?

Honestly, it doesn't matter how much you invest. Just make sure you don't hurt anyone with your decision

The first rule of investing in cryptocurrency is straightforward.

Invest only as much money as you are willing to lose.

Bitsgap Cryptocurrency Bot Profit

Imagine that Bitsgap made $13 for itself in three days, even in total collapse.

If you invest a minimal amount of money, you will make a tiny amount of money. However, you will also lose very little if something goes wrong.

Bitsgap pricing

As you can guess Bitsgap is not free.

Below you have three options which you can choose from.


For Beginners
$ 29
  • 2 Active Bots
  • Grid Bots
  • Unlimited Orders


Best Starter
$ 69
  • 5 Active Bots
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Trailing Up&Down


$ 149
  • 20 Active Bots
  • Trailing Up&Down
  • Take Profits

How to start with Bitsgap?

Create your FREE account

Opening an account is entirely free. You can test your account completely free for the first seven days.

BitsGap Login Page

Before you invest real money

As an added advantage, you do not have to invest real money right away because a demo version is available.

BitsGap Demo Mode

Connect your cryptocurrency exchange

You must connect a marketplace to your robot on Bitsgap because the robot itself is not a marketplace. The best idea is to connect Kucoin because of the meagre commissions per transaction.

BitsGap New Exchange

For example, Coinbase Pro will charge you 0.5%, and in the same case, Kucoin will take only 0.2%, which is of no importance when investing small amounts.


You have got a lot more options.

Bitsgap Cryptocurency Bot Partnership

Of course, you have quite a bit of choice as Bitsgap supports over twenty of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.


Invest with caution, and don't get carried away by your emotions!

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Author: Robert K Florkowski

Robert Florkowski - Horus London

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I'm passionate about living my best life and helping others do the same.

My motto is: If it wasn't hard, then everyone could do it, which means that success comes through dedication and commitment – not just willingness or ability.

I believe we can all live our dreams if we fully commit to mastering what matters most: Ourselves!


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