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Amazon prime free delivery

Amazon Prime free membersip offer Unlimited Same-Day delivery for more than million of items available. If you order your item before noon, then you can get it before bedtime.

You can also use the Amazon-Day option and throughout the week, collect the purchased products in the cart and then have them delivered to your home all in one day.

Amazon prime video

Another key point is that you get the opportunity to watch over 15,000 movies and TV shows. You do not need any additional software as you can view everything in your browser.

Amazon has its video streaming service tailored to compete with Netflix or Hulu. As a bonus for Prime members, a massive chunk of the Instant Video library is available at no additional charge via the internet, mobile apps and of course Amazon products like Fire TV and TV. The video service not only offers a wide range of content but also includes the Amazon Original series.

You will probably say that Netflix is cheaper as it only costs £5.99, but remember that you also get free music and many other bonuses with the Amazon Prime free membership. Also, in its cheapest plan, Netflix offers a resolution of only 480p and the ability to watch movies only on one device at a time.

Amazon prime music

Does the 2 million track catalogue cover most of the things you enjoy to listen? Most likely. What's more, it's always ad-free, and you can even store music for offline use. Such as when driving the subway or during your morning outdoor sports run.

I believe that this is a great add-on that comes with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime membership costs

The monthly cost of Amazon Prime is £ 7.99, but you get the first 30 days free membership. The second option is to buy an annual membership which costs £ 79, in which case you will save £ 15.98 per year. Of course, to be able to buy a membership, you must have a regular account on Amazon.

After 30 days of the free trial, Amazon will charge your account £ 7.99 each month until you decide to cancel your membership. Of course, you can cancel your membership before the 30 days have expired and you will not incur any costs for it.

Prime Student 6-Month Trial

If you are a student, this is where even more benefits begin as you can take advantage of a 50% discount and a six month trial period.

Of course, in this package, you will also get the same as in regular Amazon Prime, i.e. music, videos and free delivery. Besides, you can count on a 10% discount on thousands of textbooks. The offer also includes a 10% discount on selected clothes, shoes, electronics and many other university items.

Amazon Platinum Mastercard

The Amazon Platinum Mastercard is an outstanding offer because you will get a gift of £ 20 for purchases when you sign up.

Representative 21.9% APR – that is, no big deal. On the other hand, the value is when you start shopping because you will get points for every money you spend. The apparent fact is that prime members receive much more of these points.

An additional bonus is that you do not pay any interest for the first three months after opening your account. Moreover, having another credit card, you will significantly improve your credit score.

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