Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Greatest Way To Success


What is affiliate marketing? How to start to start affiliate marketing as a beginner? What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners? Is it actually easy to do?

All this questions and much more I will answer here. In the beginning, however, I will answer the essential question: How much money can you earn on this.

According to statistics taken together, earnings range from 10,000 a year to 100,000 a month. I was not wrong. If you do great business, you can earn a lot of money, and if you do not follow, you will make pocket money. I believe anyone can apply this rule to any business.

You may use the table of contents and jump straight to the section you’re interested in, although I believe you should read everything sequentially. You won’t get all the information by scrolling through the article. Moreover, some of them can be extremely important.

Table of Contents

Affiliate marketing for beginners

As a great illustration of what affiliate marketing is, I will write two words: online trading. Of course, this is not a physical trade-in product. You don’t have to produce, order or store anything. All you sell is the knowledge you have about the product you are selling.

For example, Amazon, the largest seller on the internet, has over a million sales products. You, as an affiliate partner, have access to all products and services offered by Amazon. However, you do not have to worry about the warehouses where you keep your products or deliver products to your customers.

Where is the money then? If you find the right product, then you recommend it to your audience using special affiliate link. Each person who purchases the product through your link will generate a small commission for you for such a transaction.

In such a situation, they are all winners. You will get money for successfully promoting the product. Some company like Amazon will get a commission from the seller, and the seller will earn from selling the product.

Moreover, remember that many companies offer cooperation on such fantastic principles. Of course, I will describe the most important of these companies later in the article.

Why is affiliate marketing great?

According to statistics, over 65% of major companies worldwide have affiliate programs. The numbers are growing all the time because it is a super profitable form of promoting a business.

The company does not have to pay enormous money for displaying ads that do not work. Such companies pay their affiliate partners for specific actions, i.e. for acquiring a client. Does it make sense? Think for yourself, would you like to pay just for someone watching your ad? You would like the visitor to turn into a client.

See how much money Google makes from advertising. As advertising becomes increasingly ineffective, marketers in large corporations are turning to affiliate programs. Therefore, they have more money to promote their products and services, and you can earn a fortune from it as an affiliate partner.

How to make money in affiliate marketing?

The critical question you should ask yourself is how much time and commitment can you spend on business? Another important thing is the investment in your development. For example, you can read this article and solve any problems yourself. However, you will make many mistakes, and you will eventually become discouraged from running this business.

People who don’t take the business seriously won’t earn much money. The lowest level of earnings is between 0 and 1,500 a month – people who make this much limit themselves to posting a few posts on social media.

However, once you start earning even that less money, your appetite starts to increase. In this situation, you start looking for ways to present better the products you recommend. You begin to get interested in affiliate business training, and you begin to grow.

A moderately advanced business can generate even thousands of thousands a month. However, an already well-developed project will bring you even more than one hundred thousand a month. Unfortunately, it usually takes several years of consistent work to develop your affiliate business well.

As I mentioned before, you can find your way to start a business career, although I strongly encourage you to create it completely free. Just press a button and see what you can gain.

Use special days for hot promotions

I will give you two examples of such special occasions. The first great opportunity is to use all the days of the year that have a unique meaning. Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and many others are great opportunities to organize a special promotion. Almost all companies then have sales with huge discounts.

The second great opportunity is the promotion of products that will soon have their premiere. As in the first case, you can organize the same promotions every year, in the second case, there is only one occasion.

Example 1: Products that you can promote in the same way every year.

Every year Amazon organizes Amazon Prime Day, and then you can buy many products at a considerable discount, even up to 60%. In the previous year, I was involved in promoting the Amazon Prime Membership on which I earned over 3,000 in one month. Fantastic product that has a free version for 30 days, so it’s effortless to promote.

I made a page with a description and the possibility of joining the program. Then I directed the traffic to this page from all possible locations, i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. I will do this every year. Remember that this is only one product and you can gather many more in your offer.

See what my page where I promote Amazon Prime Membership looks like.

Example 2: One-off sale of new products

There are many such opportunities, and you have to follow the market and find them. In this example, I will show you the promotion I made for the new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

On a particular page, I organized a ticket sale, thanks to which the user could win a new version of the simulator. It was a regular lottery, which is a modern method of selling a product. With the money raised, I bought the promised software for the winners, while the rest of the money left as profit. I earned nearly 2,000 on it in one month.

Here you can see what the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 promotion page looked like.

If you combine more of these different special occasions with each other, there are many of them throughout the year. Consequently, your earnings can reach a very high level. Of course, these are not all the possibilities, and I will write to you about other ways you can earn money.

Create a source of passive income

In the first place, take a look at the entire Horus London website. You will find here many blog posts with affiliate links. Of course, creating a good blog won’t take you a week or two and usually takes over two years.

However, imagine the situation that your blog is visited by 50,000 people a month after two years. If you manage to get your audience’s attention and each person leaves one dollar on your website, you don’t need a calculator to check your profits?

See how many people on this planet are looking for solutions to their problems every day. Invite them to your blog and solve their problems. The great thing is that once created, a blog will be yours for many years and will generate more and more passive income.

My blog is about starting your own online business, but you can find posts that are not directly related to that business. For example, a post on making Perfect Morning Coffee somehow solves a specific problem for people and generates profit for me. If you are doing a home-based business, you will definitely find time to make your coffee perfectly.

As you can see, running a thematic blog has enormous opportunities to combine several topics into one.

Affiliate programs with recurring commissions

In the same way, you promote products that have a monthly or annual subscription. For example, a top-rated website building tool is Elementor with a yearly subscription. Besides, you can offer your audience a great website monitoring tool, which is SEMRush. For all this, you can add a few other and valuable products that have monthly or annual subscriptions.

This way, you will build up a large base of people who will renew these licenses over time, and you will keep your commission. Of course, this is just one niche in which you don’t necessarily have to act. You can choose a different niche and, for example, sell a telephone subscription or a payment terminal service.

It all depends on what industry you feel good in. One fantastic bonus of the monthly subscription is that you only need to promote the product once successfully. And then the customer can generate profits for you for many years to come.

My final word about earnings in affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing earnings
Amazon - last 28 days

I can also add earnings from ClickBank, Elementor, Grammarly and others to the results from the table above.

If you start an affiliate business today, you will have a satisfactory income in three to six month. Of course, if you focus on doing business. The math is elementary at this point. For example, in the first year, your website will only be visited by 5,000 people, but you will accumulate 50,000 a month in the second year.

Don’t get me wrong, but this business takes a long time to see results. On the other hand, do you think Amazon started making money in five weeks? Jeff Bezos began in 1994 with his first book’s sale and is now one of the world’s wealthiest people.

Moreover, he started the same as you do now, without much knowledge and a lot of money to invest. If you have the courage and determination, click the button below and see yourself in the distant future as a rich person.

How to start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

First, answer one question: Do you want to earn mega-money from affiliate marketing, or do you like to share your passion? I am asking this because it will be of great importance in choosing the way you want to act.

If you wish to tell people about your hobby and make money on it, remember that you are setting an audience limit. If you love dogs, others may love cats or fish. Thus, you will limit your blog audience in some ways.

On the other hand, you may choose a trendy niche, remember about the competition as well. It is vital because there will be many blogs about dogs and cats, while there will be a billion blogs about using a smartphone.

Below I will introduce you to some general steps that will light your way.

Step 1: Business awareness

Affiliate marketing is the type of business you will be doing from your home. Therefore, I was hoping you could read the article in which I describe what home-based business is. You will learn everything about the advantages and disadvantages and how it will change your life.

Additionally, you will need to discover what day it is today and how to plan it. You should also read this article carefully. Planning is a fundamental factor in achieving success. You’ll have to learn it one way or another.

Step 2: Business design

The time has come to consider in what form you will want to run your business. Of course, there are many different forms to choose from, and most affiliates use a combination of several of them at the same time.

I recommend that you start by creating your blog as it is the most comprehensive process. Once you’ve got enough blog content, you can start promoting it on Facebook or YouTube. You can add other social media later.

However, I strongly advise against doing everything at once. Use one month to promote your blog on Facebook, check how it works. Then experiment one month on YouTube and see where you get better results. If you promote your blog in 50 places at once, you will not achieve any results.

I have tested this style, and you can trust me here that it does not work. You must choose one or two major channels and later on add some more.

Step 3: Necessary tools

If you follow my tips, start by building your blog. In the beginning, these costs are meagre, because buying a domain and hosting is the smallest investment. On one of my pages, I have grouped most of the greatest tools for your business, and most of them are free versions. Of course, you know that the paid versions offer much more possibilities. However, you can start with the free ones.

Step 4: System implementation

Here the talk is over, and you must take action now. Bellow you have list of six steps to go through on your way to success in the affiliate business.

1. Choose your niche
2. Select the method you want to run
3. Create better content than your competition has
4. Find the right affiliate program
5. Direct the traffic to your content
6. Convert your audience clicks into sales

You are still wondering how to deal with these six points? I will tell you a little secret. You can quickly start your affiliate business for free and without stress.

All you have to do is join the FREE program by enter your name and email address below.

Here is your first step to do

I believe that in life, you can cry for two reasons only. The first reason is the unimaginable effort you must put into your success. And the second reason is that you have done nothing to achieve success. I prefer to cry for the first reason, do you?

Get started in affiliate marketing with this fantastic program created by a specialist, especially for beginner entrepreneurs.

Quick and easy program start

Access to a huge amount of tools

A well-developed community

Currently, access to the program is free, but this situation may change.

See opinions of other users, and remember that you can write yours soon.

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